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So Grateful

December 13 2006 at 10:51 AM

Just wondering how long a typical session should take. I find I finish my routine 10-15 minutes. Is this too fast? I also do quick movements to the count of 10 three times after each count of 30. Is this beneficial or a waste of time?
I had my hysterectomy, due to uterine prolapse seven years ago and I did develop a cystocele five years after. Surgery was out of the question. I found this web site and was a bit leery at first and decided after reading such positive testimonials to buy one. I have no regrets about my purchase and feel stronger down there more than when I used to do regular kegels. I can even stop the flow of urine now and hold regular kegels for the count of 10 or more. I've had no problems with any other prolapses. I believe that the kegelmaster has prevented further prolapses and more dreadful surgeries
I just hope it continues to keep everything up there where it belongs!
I'm very happy that I found this device and it's worth every penny spent.


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Sari Wexler

Thanks For Excellent Questions!

December 14 2006, 12:29 AM 

Dear Joss,

I appreciate your letter so much. We cannot make medical claims and can only rely on people like you, to prove how important using the Kegelmaster can be.

It is great that you are spending 10 - 15 minutes a day on your workout. I wouldn't increase it at all. In fact you can use it for 5 minutes a day and achieve results. The important thing to remember is that after a workout, a muscle needs time to "rest, recover, and grow" - to meet the next challenge!

Those "quick" contractions you are doing are excellent, because they address a different set of muscle fibers. Additionally, they are excellent for increased endurance and pelvic vascularity (the flushing out of toxins and infusion of the entire pelvic area with new germ-killing white blood cells). Just make sure you are ONLY using your PC muscle when you do those "quick flicks". (The "Second Device" can be a Godsend, here!)

Keep up the great work with the Kegelmaster!

Thanks for writing the forum!

With warm regards,


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Frequency of exercises

January 6 2009, 1:31 PM 


On an earlier post you state: "The important thing to remember is that after a workout, a muscle needs time to "rest, recover, and grow" - to meet the next challenge!"

Reading the testimonials I see that some users are practicing the exercises on a daily basis while others do it 3 to 4 times a week.

My understanding is that muscles need more than a day to rest and recover from exercise, thus, use every other day would be more effective than daily use.

What would you recommend?


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Sari Wexler - Forum Moderator

Good question!

January 7 2009, 2:19 AM 

Hi Patty!

A principle of most health club type work-outs is that you only work a certain muscle group every other day.

Building muscle involves as you stated a "rest and recover" period so that the muscle can come back later, bigger and better, ready for the next challenge.

The PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, also known as the "kegel" or vaginal muscle does not require the "intense" "no-pain, no gain" exercises you would use for the health club "major" muscle groups.

The Kegelmaster is a mild, but incredibly effective way to exercise this critical muscle. One woman accurately described it as "the most relaxing exercise I've ever done". The "recovery" period therefore does not have to be every other day.

You can achieve dramatic benefits by doing the exercise once a day - absolutely no need to skip a day inbetween your Kegelmaster sessions!

I am so appreciative of your question/comment. I wish you the best!

Very truly yours,


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