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Competitive Products

March 30 2008 at 7:03 AM
Sari Wexler - Forum Moderator 


     Strengthening and toning the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle using state-of-the-art exercise principles is absolute genius and almost always yields the desired results, but how disingenuous to promise those results and take people's money for devices which because of their design are not going to deliver!

    As many women have discovered, a disreputable company originally located in our own home town of Sarasota Florida now moved to Arizona called Arank1 Marketing is distributing a blatant "rip-off" of our patented product, calling it the "Kegel Exerciser" or "Pelvic Toner".

     ARank1 Marketing, as it's name implies is a search engine ranking firm, with whom we had once planned to do busnesss. We pulled back after determining that the principal of the firm was not really competent or ethical. Knowing we had a totally effective product with huge potential, 3 individuals took the plans for the Kegelmaster and manufactured a cheaper "dumbed down" version of our product, which they deceptively market on the Internet - making the incredible assertion that the Kegelmaster is not safe.

     This, and their cheaper price, is to only cover the fact that the "the inferior product" cannot possibly work nearly as well as the genuine Kegelmaster!

    Just use common sense. To try to use the pretext that there is a "patent-breaking" distinction between their product and the Kegelmaster, ARank1 removed the patented adjustable knob on the Kegelmaster and replaced it with nothing! This severely limits the "range of motion" that is required for effectiveness.

     Additionally their product only has 2 springs and therefore a total of 3 strength settings with a maximum of less than 2 pounds of resistance, while the Kegelmaster has 4 springs and 15 strength setting combinations, yielding almost 8 pounds of FDA cleared adjustable resistance. (from approximately 2/10's of an ounce to 7.8 pounds!)      

    Eventually we will eliminate this fraudulent company, legally, and it is not only because ARank1 Merketing harms us financially with their bogus "Kegel Exerciser", but the disservice they do to women by causing confusion in the marketplace is immeasurable. The Kegelmaster is well worth the price. For many women, the dramatic benefits make it priceless! By diluting our message, lying about our product and deceiving women into buying a cheap, less-effective rendition of the genuine Kegelmaster, many women will be deprived of the opportunity to help themselves in such a natural and effective manner - when they were so close to finding the right solution.!

We urge you to call us toll-free at 1-888-Kegelmaster (888-534-3562) or online at  to discuss product comparisons. Because of the pending lawsuit there are certain things that we cannot print.

     We offer a moneyback guarantee that the genuine Kegelmaster is totally safe and demonstrably superior to any competitive device on the market today. We challenge others to match this offer.<

     There are many other products in the Kegel Exerciser category, but some are outright frauds. Others may work "a little", but you eventually just quit using them.

     One product, the "Super Kegel Exerciser", distributed by IGIA® no less, is only a "thighmaster or "buttmaster" and could only marginally address the proper (pc or pubococcygeus) muscle, thus making it mostly ineffective. Another device, the "GyneFlex" is not adjustable whatsoever, and allows only the slightest range of motion. Not rounded like the Kegelmaster, the Gyneflex is uncomfortable.

     Vaginal weights, cones, barbells, with names like FemTone, Femine Personal Trainer (FPT), Kegelcisor, etc. and Ben Wa balls, jade green "eggs", etc. have all been available for years. In theory, having to hold or "pull" something up in the body will eventually result tn some strengthening, but the exercise itself becomes tedious and not conducive to developing a routine. This is why all of those products essentially have failed in the marketplace - women just quit using them!

     Since the 1950's a product which "measures" vaginal contractions called a perineometer, now marketed as "Myself", has been available, but this product is not nearly as easy to use and progress with as the genuine Kegelmaster which far more effectively utilizes 15 levels of progressive resistance. In addition to the purchase price for the perineometer, the non-reusable "sensors" the Myself requires involves an additional expense every year.     

     Ultimately, because this is a true quality-of-life issue, you must make a decision. Our customers tell us that they are able to discern that it is Kegelmaster WorldWide with the truly life-changing product and genuine customer service.

Best wishes,

Sari Wexler

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The more you read, the more you'll learn, but as we keep emphasizing to talk to people who really know the product, please call us. - 1-888-Kegelmaster (888-534-3562) or online at 

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Comparing and Making the Best Decision

April 12 2008, 7:13 PM 

Well ladies, make SURE that you order your Kegelmaster from this website. I did not and subsequently did not receive the "second device."

After a long conversation with the company via their 800 number today (a Saturday no less!) I gained clarity and support on how to succeed at using it. The helpful dialog and in-depth exchange I had via telephone renewed my confidence that I was on my way to great muscle strengthening.

I have four sisters and they may well all be getting one of these as a gift from me.

If I had discovered this resistance providing tool a year ago I might have avoided surgery. Now, my goal is to never have anything in my pelvis repaired, ever again.

As personal as it sounds, I was able to have a very open discussion about how to start out and see results. Don't do what I did, which was get my mom to send it to me! Order your own and know that you have amazing customer support if you feel confused about getting started.

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"A Life-Saver For Me For Bulging Bladder and More!

July 5 2008, 3:41 AM 

I want to share my experience with the Kegelmaster with everyone here to give them hope.

I have been using it for about 10 months, what a difference it has made for me!

I have already had a bladder repair surgery 8 years ago. Last spring, I noticed a bulging my gynecologist who did my surgery said that my bladder had dropped again and sent me to a physical therapist who specalizes in women's health.

I went through the series of bio feedback with her to learn how to properly do kegel exercises. Then I did an internet search and found the Kegelmaster.

I ordered it and when I received it, I took it to show both my gynecologist and the physical therapist. They both thought it was excellent, especially the PT. She said that is how kegels are intended to be done, much better with resistance.

I used it for a about 4 months, then went back to the PT. She checked my muscle strength, and compared it to what it was when I first went to her. I had previously been a 2 out of 5 strength-wise and was now a 5 out of 5! She was very impressed and took all the literature for the Kegel Master and made copies.

I went for a checkup with my gynecologist, and he was also pleased, said my support was "excellent" and should be good for many years, I would not need a repeat surgery.

I have many more good days now where I don't feel the bulging sensation at all. If I am on my feet a lot, it bothers me a little, but nothing like before when I felt like my insides were falling out.

I am so grateful for this device. It takes time for some of us, especially those who have had a surgery already, and the muscles are weak. I am also on the older side, 49, so I am sure hormonal changes are adding to the issue.

I just want to give others hope, don't rush into surgery if your doctor says they think doing kegel exercises will help you. Use your Kegelmaster faithfully and hopefully you will get the great results that I did!

Sorry this is so long, but I think the details are important.


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Extremely Positive Results For A Dropping Bladder!

September 14 2008, 10:28 PM 

.........I had bladder repair surgery and after 8 years, it dropped again. My surgery was a nightmare too and I don't ever want to go through that again.

The Kegelmaster has been a God-send. My doctor and physical therapist were amazed at the difference it made in my pelvic support.

While I still have some problems with the prolapse, I can live with it rather than face surgery again.

Unlike you, my doctor never told me this could reoccur and never told me to do kegel exercises or I would have been doing them every day. How fortunate I found the Kegelmaster.


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