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Stopping Leaks and Accidents With the Kegelmaster

April 7 2008 at 12:16 AM
Sari Wexler - Forum Moderator 


This message was from "M" and was originally posted on February 20, 2003.

I'm writing this testimonial for all the hesitant skeptics out there. I am really skeptical when it comes to items advertised with lots of 'testimonials' and a money back guarantee. After all, if it sounds too good to be usually is!

When it came to the Kegelmaster I was actually more than a little put off by the promises of sexual benefits, and the promise that I would notice an immediate difference in the strength of my PC muscles. The whole concept that I would experience a noticeable change in less than a week just made the ad seem less believable. (I mean, come on, I've been doing kegels for 16 years...and how many exercise machines actually show 'immediate' results? None that I had ever used!)

Here's my situation. I'm 34 years old, and I have three children. I never had any real problems with incontinence during, or after, my pregnancies and my last baby weighed almost 9 pounds. Then, about two years ago, I started having some serious problems with allergies. I've had to take steroids several times for extremely severe allergic reactions, and I gained a lot of weight. Then, to make matters worse, about six months ago I started having trouble with stress incontinence.

It almost seemed like a 'cosmic' practical joke. (I can just see someone checking off items on a list: Let's see. She's sick all the time, virtually housebound by allergies ,and a good forty pounds overweight. What else can we add to really make her miserable? I know! Let's make her wet her pants three or four times a day!) Recently it had gotten to the point where just about every time I coughed or sneezed (and the allergies cause a lot of that) I wet myself. Literally. I'm not talking about a little dribble here either, I was seriously wetting my pants! It was driving me nuts, and the more I read about treatment options, the more upset I got. I just couldn't stand the thought that I was going to have to start using those thick incontinence pads, but I had already managed to overflow normal pads repeatedly.

Just the TESTS that a doctor would want to do (to determine what I already knew was wrong) sounded miserable and humiliating! Then I'd have to take medication, if I could take it, or even have to have surgery done. That, or I could try to 'retrain my bladder'. (Oh goody, potty training for the grown ups. Like I hadn't thought of that when the problem first started! GRRR!)

To get to the point, I decided to take a chance with the kegelmaster. I thought about it for several weeks before I ordered, and finally just thought "What the heck? It's worth a shot." Now, I'm kicking myself for waiting so long!

I got the Kegelmaster about a week ago, I've used it three times now, and I've already noticed a HUGE difference. It's just, flat, amazing. Those promises that sound too good to be true? They're actually true! The exercise IS easy, it DOESN'T take long, and it REALLY works!

I haven't wet myself since the first time I used it! I know that doesn't sound like much, but remember...I was having 'accidents' at least two or three times a day before! I am totally thrilled with the results so far and I'm only able to use two springs in the first two positions.

I can hardly wait to see how much better this gets! (and if what they said about the sexual benefits is true... Well, let's just say it was money more than well spent!) Forget the money back guarantee! If this keeps up, I wouldn't send it back for anything! In fact, I'm going to suggest it to my mother AND I'd be happy to sell it myself.

I'll post a short update in a few weeks, but I was just so excited about this that I had to let other people (who might be skeptical) know how much it had helped me already!

Good Luck!

We received the following after we thanked the writer for her original letter.

You're welcome.

I didn't mind taking the time to type it up, and honestly was rather dissappointed with with the way I had expressed my situation. Incontinence is a very touchy subject. It really is humiliating involuntarily wetting yourself at unexpected intervals. How are you supposed to function? Your entire world starts to revolve around staying dry. Every time you leave the house you worry that you're going to have an accident and be mortified in public. How can you express all of the negative effects it has on your life to others? It just doesn't seem like such a huge problem until it happens to you.

And how can you explain to your husband that, at 34, you need to start buying 'Assure' pads because you can't 'hold your water'? I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful husband, who I can talk about just about anything with, but I just couldn't bring myself to even try to talk to him about this. It was too humiliating, and I was afraid that it would adversely affect our sex life. I already feel hideously unattractive because of all the weight I've gained, and this added insecurity was just too much for me.

Then you have the issue of the useless, humiliating, uncomfortable, miserable, and (virtually) inhumane treatment you are likely to experience at the hands of the medical community. They actually expect you to demonstrate the problem for god's sake! You're going to see them because you are mortally embarassed about wetting yourself involuntarily, and they want you to show them what happens when you cough. (Not going to happen!) What's worse is that they really don't have any effective treatments or answers to the problem.

I really have been doing kegel's for more than 16 years. (I had to start the Kegelmaster on two springs the first time, and have no doubt I'll be using three before long.) I had a wonderful doctor who told me exactly how to do kegel's, in detail, when I was 16. (He also told me to urinate just before, and after, having sex to flush out any bacteria and prevent bladder infections. It works, I've only had one bladder infection in my life...and that was before he gave me the advice.) He was the type of doctor who would be providing his patients with ordering information for this product if he hadn't already retired several years ago.

I have a doctor that I really do like now, but when I brought up this issue, he just told me that 'it happens' and that I should 'do kegels'. (Duh! Like I wasn't already doing them!) Every doctor should be made aware of this device, and you can be sure I will be demonstrating exactly how effective it has been to my doctor! I'm sure he'll be telling his other patients about it, and probably his wife too!

And, as to the sexual benefits, I have found out that those occur just as quickly and are just as tangible. I've never had problems reaching multiple climaxes (lucky me<grin>), but there is definitely a difference. I'm pretty open minded about sex, but I am definitely at a loss for words when it comes to expressing the effect this has already had. Suffice it to say that climaxes are happening faster, and are already almost as overwhelming as when I was a teenager. BIG difference!

I meant what I said. Get my money back? I wouldn't send it back for anything!

Thank you "M", for sending us this third chapter on November 15, 2002.

I am still thrilled with my Kegelmaster! I am on three springs now, after less than three weeks of use, and the almost constant 'accidents' I was experiencing have become very rare. I have had a couple of very minor accidents since I last wrote, but they were after really hard sneezes and there was only a tiny bit of leakage instead of a flood. I think the leakage was because my PC muscles still aren't in perfect shape yet, and my bladder probably isn't back where it belongs either, but I was doing so well that I waited too long between bathroom visits.

That may not sound amazing to everyone but I was going to the bathroom at least once an hour before, and still filling several pads a day. Now, in just a couple of weeks of using the Kegelmaster, I don't even need the pads. (I still wear a pad when I go out, just in case, but I've been coming home dry!) This is the best investment in exercise equipment I've ever made! I figure, at this rate, that by the end of this month my bladder worries will be totally gone. I can hardly believe this progress myself, and I'm the one who is experiencing it.

I sincerely hope that some of the skeptics out there have taken my first message to heart and gotten a kegelmaster. No woman should have to deal with incontinence problems when this device is so effective (and readily available).

Another added benefit of the kegelmaster, for me, has been more effective work outs when I do other exercises. I'm not constantly worried about accidents, so I can do more strenuous exercises when I work out. I am finally starting to lose some of the weight I gained. The only advice I would give anyone who purchases the Kegelmaster would be to keep using it even if they don't get unbelievable results in the first couple of uses. It really does work, and I'd be willing to bet that within two weeks of using the Kegelmaster they'll be stunned at the improvement they see.



P. S. Another advantage of the Kegelmaster... with the cost of incontinence pads, it pays for itself in very short order. If I only live to be 65 years old, at the rate I was using those pads, I would have had to spend about $16,120.00 on the blasted things! Now that makes the Kegelmaster look really affordable!

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Sari Wexler - Forum Moderator

Debbie Reverses Her Uterine Prolapse!

September 7 2008, 9:16 PM 

Dear Sari,  

If you will recall from my previous email, the ob-gyn I had been seeing informed me in November (2007) that my uterus had prolapsed to late second stage.....and that "kegel exercises WOULD NOT HELP". (Even your phone-line people said it may not reverse a late second stage prolapse.)

He recommended a "wait and see" stance -- until I had no alternative but hysterectomy. (Because of my age, he said he would not recommend uterine suspension mesh -- after all, "Do you want more children?") No, but I want my uterus! 

I have been using your device for five weeks. While I am still unable to "close" it all the way on the fourth pin.....I am really working! I had an appt. with my "new" doctor for a prolapse check this past Friday and her thoughts on what else I could do or should do to help reverse it. 

After examining me (and reading the notes from my previous ob-gyne), she told me she is not recommending I do anything other than what I'm doing. She said, "Your uterine prolapse now is  a very early (mild) second stage; whatever you're doing, keep it up! It's working." I was overjoyed! (I broke into tears of HAPPINESS!) 

My regime of kegels is NOT hit or miss. I do them religiously every morning -- and when I'm at work, I do them w/out the KegelMaster  -- sitting, standing, etc.....maybe 3 sets of 30 another 5 or 6 times a day. 

Just wanted to let you know that the exercises (with the device), determination and a positive mental attitude CAN help to reverse even a late second stage uterine prolapse. Again, this whole process of reversal may take 6 months to a year before my uterus (as well as bladder and rectum) are "almost" back to  pre-pregnancy and birth days.   

I am overjoyed with the results I am getting from the KegelMaster!

So tell other women experiencing a late second stage prolapse, that the KegelMaster CAN work (it's working for me!!!! yippee!) -- don't lose hope because of inability to close the device all the way -- as long as you work those muscles and manage to close the device partially -- IT'S WORKING -- Don't listen to the "nay" sayers -- Thank you, (crying from joy here!) thank you! Thank you! for your product AND YOUR personal encouragement.


-- Debbie (49 y/o mother of five) 

P.S. Please put my email in the forum if you think it will give hope to other women.

Editors Note: We have changed "Debbie's" name, however verification is on file.


"Sari, just ANOTHER follow up for you and the forum.  

After using the Kegelmaster for almost six months, I have reversed the late-second-stage uterine prolapse! April, 2008, I was informed by my doctor that my uterus is "back in place" muscles are strong. She can't believe how quickly I have "healed" myself. I will continue using the device for many years. 

With tears of gratitude for your product, again --THANK YOU!   


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Progress with Uterine prolapse

September 14 2008, 10:20 PM 

I am a healthy and active 79 year old who has had five full time pregnancies. At this time in my life experiencing the EXTREME discomfort of a Uterine prolapse, I thought I'd have to have a hysterectomy to correct the situation. In searching the internet for clues to a beneficial and doable alternative I came across the Kegelmaster. I decided to try it as a last resort having been trying the Kegels for years and finally realizing they weren't by themselves enough to correct the problem.

Now after using the Kegelmaster for three to four weeks I am noticing progress in the strength of my pelvic floor muscles; also - and this is the best part, that feeling of walking around with a golf ball between the legs, is not there most of the time. Not all but most. It seems unbelievable! I can only hope that the progress continues and indeed expect to have it do so.

If anyone my age has experienced a similar story please post it.

There is strength in and inspiration from the sharing.

Jill has been a great help!


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