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May 19 2008 at 1:37 AM
Sari Wexler 


That's got to be the most common question we are asked. Surely that is because all of us have been disappointed with false claims and exaggerations made about all sorts of products  

In the case of the Kegelmaster, what wouldn't make sense is if it DIDN'T work.

There's no magic involved. You simply exercise your PC muscle with this small, form-fitting "resistance" device and the muscle will strengthen and perform the way nature intended.

The exercise is quick, and most women find they actually look forward to using their Kegelmaster - it is patented, FDA cleared, and there is NOTHING like it.

The medical establishment has never been and probably will never be a big proponent of exercise and prevention. They just don't make their money that way! - Sad, but true.

Our best suggestion is for you to invest a few minutes reading messages in this Discussion Forum.  

If you are still skeptical, but think you might want to give the Kegelmaster a try, you may feel more comfortable speaking with a representative from our company who can answer your questions. 1(888)KEGELMASTER (888-534-3562)

Conversely, you may enjoy the anonymity of our secure online ordering.  

We ship by Priority Mail.

We protect your privacy, labeling the package "KM2000" with no reference to "kegels" or anything that would clue anyone else in as to the contents. We don't even require that you submit your email address! We are totally accessible by phone. For foreign orders, it is referred to as an "Exerciser" on the customs form.

There is so much to gain by realizing that right now is the best time to resolve ANY pelvic health issues!

With regards,

Sari Wexler

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Bruce Willis Lover's Red Hot Sex Secret - - as published in THE GLOBE!

March 31 2009, 2:11 AM 

from the April 24, issue of The GLOBE:  (page 29)

Bruce Willis Lover's Hot Sex Secret

Bruce Willis' sex life has never been hotter since he met porn starlet Alisha Klass-and now we know why.

GLOBE can reveal the shocking secret behind the sizzling sex that Demi Moore's ex-hubby is going bananas for!

Klass is a devoted user of the Kegelmaster, a specially designed device that has gained an instant female following. The exerciser strengthens and tightens the vaginal walls, making for some unique erotic escapades. 

"I can't describe the intensity," gushes the 29-year-old XXX-rated movie siren. 

"Many women ask me questions about improving their sex lives.  My number one suggestion is always 'Get the Kegelmaster!' Anything that can help women experience sex like this is a great product."

   And if anyone needs another testimonial, all they need to do is ask Willis about what the miracle gadget has done in the bedroom for HIM.

   "Bruce is crazy about Alisha's sexy moves and says she's one of the most exciting women he's ever known," confides a source. "He's told his friends that making love to Alisha is sheer ecstasy."

   Willis should be a fan of the exercising device, too, because his curvy brunette galpal swears it makes men seem sexually bigger. "It makes every guy feel twice as manly," Klass explains, "so he becomes a woman's greatest lover." ... 

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Dr. Joyce

Dr. Joyce's "UnderWire Magazine" Report On The Sexual Benefits From Using The Kegelmaster

March 31 2009, 3:02 AM 

Dear Friends:

Finally, this seems like a good time to provide my promised report on the Kegelmaster, the PC exerciser device I mentioned in my column a few weeks back.

Truth is I found the insertable, phallic-shaped thingamajig to be rather miraculous!

Because the Kegelmaster provides varying levels of resistance against which to squeeze pelvic muscles, a woman can track her progress with a sense of increasing accomplishment.

It's a fun challenging ride - better than working out biceps - and the sexy results are far more exhilarating than just being able to hoist bulky bags of groceries.

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