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October 24 2008 at 9:24 PM

I started using the KegelMaster on Tuesday night, had to skip Wednesday, & used it last night.

After TWO uses, I can tell a very noticable difference-I'm amazed!

I ordered this to tighten my vagina.

I'm under 30, but I've given birth to 3 huge babies, & I've felt so loose it was embarrassing I've done regular Kegels til I'm blue in the face, & they haven't really gotten me far.

When I had sex with my husband today, I felt a difference, & the very best part-I felt the same soreness (the good kind!) I used to have after sex before I had children!

I'm amazed!

I can't believe I've gone almost 10 years thinking I'd be loose forever.

What an awful feeling!

I'm going to use this every night.

Sorry, I know this is TMI, I'm just really excited, lol.

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UPDATE...The Tightness Is Wonderful

December 4 2008, 1:11 AM 

I've been using the Kegelmaster for a few weeks now, & I'm amazed at the progress!

I can actually "feel" again, which is astonishing!

I know this is going to be waaay too much info, but I'm only saying this to prove how much this has helped-before the KegelMaster (after having 3 kids), if I inserted one finger, I couldn't feel anything.

It made me want to cry.

I could only feel my vaginal walls if I moved my finger all around.

Now, if I insert one finger, I can feel my vaginal walls all around the finger, without any movement at all!

This is very exciting for me, as you can imagine!

I'm looking forward to even more progress!

An added benefit (a big one) is that after giving birth to my last child almost one year ago, I've had to pee way more often than when I was pregnant!

Now I can pee like a normal person, lol.

The KegelMaster really has changed my life, & I've only just begun happy.gif I'm so very grateful to the Kegelmaster and to this website.

The Kegelmaster really needs more publicity because I'm sure alot of women could benefit!

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The Best Money I Have Ever Spent!

September 23 2009, 2:31 AM 

I would have to say that the Kegelmaster is the best thing I have ever bought.

I'm 26, I have 3 boys, one is 8, the second is 6 and I have a 4 month old.

I was so worried about having a third child as my pelvic floor muscles are so weak, but I decided that wouldn't stop me from having my baby.

I searched Google to find a machine or an exercise that would help me with the pelvic floor to regain strength and improve my sex life.

I came across this website and decided to take a look as there would be no harm in looking. Well, that day was a great day!

I finally came across a device that would help me regain my strength again!

I have been using the Kegelmaster now for 4 days and I have already noticed the difference!

I'm so happy this works and I'm so happy I purchased one that day.

There's no looking back for me, only forward!

I have yet to discover what my partner will think in the bedroom, not that he complained, but I'm sure he will notice the difference, as I have noticed it already!

I would like to thank you for a wonderful product and I hope that there are other women out there that will take the step to help themselves just like I have!

Thanks, Nikki

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