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I think it's working!

April 22 2009 at 2:20 AM

Hi there

I'm 55 years old and have been married for 37 years. After having four daughters (all epesitomies after)I developed stress incontinence and suffered for quite a few years until I had a bladder repair op (12 years ago). This worked for the stress incontinence but I am still unable to hold my urine mid-stream until near the end of flow as my muscles are so weak.

My biggest problem is a very stretched vagina which makes intercourse much less pleasurable than it has been; very little feeling and at times my husband is unable to climax inside of me. I have been very distraught about this although my husband has been very understanding. He seems less worried than me! I found this website by accident whilst searching the web under "sexual intercourse problems". I must admit I had never heard of kegels (we call them pelvic floor exercises here in the UK) let alone a Kegelmaster so I was very sceptical about ordering one. Before ordering I emailed with a question to see if it would work for me. The answer was "yes it would" so I thought I have nothing to lose if it's a money-back guarantee. I have had my exerciser for just under two weeks and already both my husband and I are noticing the difference. At first I was using it twice a day and getting some discomfort but after getting advice here to use it just once a day, that has disappeared. My motto was "twice a day will work twice as quick" but obviously that is not the case here!

We have just celebrated our 37th Wedding Anniversay and I am keen to get back to how our relationship was when I was less stretched. I know I am very impatient but my husband keeps reminding me that you can't repair 30 odd years of stretching and damage down there in under two weeks, so I know it will take time but I'm very optimistic of the outcome. My muscles are definitely getting stronger. I can now hold a squeeze without the exerciser for more than 10 seconds, something I could not do before, in fact I could barely tell I was using the muscles let alone hold it for any length of time! If you have been married for a long time like me and feel your sex life is waning because of stretched muscles, I would recommend this device. I am going to recommend it to my two married daughters and also friends if the topic should arise. Regards to all, "sceptic Kathy" in England, UK

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Now I know it's working!!!!!

May 21 2009, 11:20 PM 

Wow! I've been using the exerciser daily for only five weeks and already we're experiencing tremendous sex. Neither my husband nor myself can believe the difference it is making to my tightness, and we relish the thought of what it will be like after five months! We are both getting feeling "down there" during sex, something I thought I'd never achieve again. Thank you for promoting this product to help people like me. I thought I was a "lost cause". I can only encourage other women to have a go; you've got nothing to lose girls! Will post again at six months. "Not sceptical anymore" Kathy

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Thanks Kathy!

August 7 2009, 12:56 AM 

I have read so many good things about this device. I have now purchased one and am using it daily. I bought this as my fairly new boyfriend is slightly smaller than I am used to and during sex there's a lack of 'oomph' and he rarely reaches orgasm inside me. I figured I am nearly 40 and have had two children so I can't just blame it on his size. Along with which, I feel it would be a shame for a fantastic relationship to suffer without at least me making some effort to address the problem.

I think the Kegelmaster is working but it will be some weeks before I see him and can put it to the real test. (I have moved up quite quickly to two springs at the top and think I best stay here for a while). This article has really inspired me and helped me feel that I am not wasting my time as with Kathy being older than me and being aware of a similar problem for some years, the results she has acheived in such a short time are really encouraging.

Thanks Kathy for taking the time to post and helping other women by sharing your experience. Strangely I have also noticed a decrease in visits to the loo and I never even thought I had an issue here (just that I consume way to much coffee in the day!)

I know my mum in her 60's suffers from stress incontinence and wears pads. I am trying to think of a way of broaching the Kegelmaster with her .

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