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Had a failed surgery

May 24 2009 at 1:10 PM

I wish I had found this website before my surgery. I am 41 and I did the "traditional" Kegels with no success. When my gyno sugested the surgery where they put in a "sling" to hold up your bladder, I jumped at the chance of getting back to a life without pads. Instead of getting the sling, I got a puncture into my bladder wall (still had to pay by the way). Now my incontinence is worse than ever and I am terrified to go back under the "knife." I am a first grade teacher, am on my feet all day long, have few bathroom breaks and go through several pads a day. It has affected my work, my relationship with my daughter, and my sex life. My husband is wonderful, compasionate and accepting of my condition. But he doesn't understand why I don't like to laugh anymore. I have taken a leap of faith that this treatement will work for me, post-operative. I'd like to know if others have been helped after a failed surgery.

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Sari Wexler - Forum Moderator

This Should Work!

May 25 2009, 1:11 AM 

Hi Sandii,

If their is a hole in your bladder and that is where the urine is leaking out (rather than exiting from the urethra as it should) then the Kegelmaster would not help. But that would be an unusual situation.
Almost always it is the muscle that needs toning to stop the incontinence.

I am so sorry for your experiences so far. I think getting the Kegelmaster is the smartest thing you could do at this point.

Just make sure you watch the DVD that accompanies it first, and make sure you start at a strength setting that gives you muscle extension! (strength setting #1 is usually too weak!)In a few days you should start seeing the first signs of improvement, then things should continue to improve at a more rapid rate!
I hope you'll write me personally at if you have any addtional questions about using the Kegelmaster, or call customer support 1(800)523-4430.

Sandii, please don't feel alone.
You'll get well and you'll get your life back.

We have many testimonials from women who have had the surgery and been able to stop the cycle of future surgeries by using the KM.

You have my best wishes!


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It's working!

June 7 2009, 9:14 AM 

I've been using the Kegelmaster for a week and am amazed at how much less leakage I already have! An additional bonus is that my husband thinks it's a turn on and likes to "help" me do the exercises. While not eliminated by any means, my optimism that I will get my life back has increased dramatically.

Thank you!

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