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I want my sex life back...

January 17 2010 at 7:25 PM

Thank you for your testimonials ladies. I have been so skeptical about purchasing this product. I've tried everything, ben wu to lady V to China Shrink Cream. I have been dissappointed in every single one of these products. I do kegels religiously (without the resistance of the KMP) and still have seen no results! I have not had many partners or children, but my current partner of 2 years has expressed the same concern as many husband in these testimonials have. It was hurtful to feel for a long time that he was not attracted to me physically (as I work out a lot) until we had a heart to heart and I was in tears and he expressed, "I love your body very much, but it pains me that I can't satisfy you the way I know I can... you feel different then what I am used to...not as snug." I appreciated his honesty. But it shattered my confidence in the bedroom...and I am only 24! Again, I have not had many partners...

We are in we both agreed that we would do what ever it took to make our sex life work. I'm not too sure what he is researching or considering but I started the next day researching "how to make my vagina tighter" on google and I came across "the kegelmaster". I've already spoken to a sweet rep, very patient by the name of Kim...and she was so sincere about the product that she even said "do this if you really want to try it..." and we're in a recession so she could have sold me a horse load of crap if she wanted to to make a quick buck.

...But she didn't I would buy this product based off of that alone if I could...(thank you). "But you have to work at it" she says, "this is not a miracle pill, but if you use it you will get the results." I plan on it :)
Anyway these testimonials have sold me...especially #33...these women are talking changes (with proper use) after a month. And Valentines Day is right around the need to delay! *laughing* I'm going to order mine on Tuesday and keep all you ladies updated. I have tried everything short of surgery (5000.00!!! and its reported you lose sensation in your vagina) I'll be a great spokes woman should the kegelmaster help me. :)

I love my boyfriend with all my heart and he has expressed the same sentiment, this is the missing piece in our "puzzle". "The SEX LIFE". Everything else between us is remarkable - We live together, finances are in order, even have a dog- It would be such a crying shame if the reason we "didn't work out" was because of our sexual chemistry or the lack there of...but I will order it, and I'll keep you posted. Thanx again Kim the next time you hear from me I'll be placing an order. :)

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Happy to Help

January 19 2010, 12:22 PM 

Hi Alicia,
Thanks for the great message. Hopefully some others will chime in and post their own stories.

I'm glad you found the boards to be as helpful as what we intend. We want to have an open forum for anyone who wants to share, positive or negative. We understand not everyone will have the same results or in the same timeframe.

I'm glad our conversation was helpful. As i've tried to let everyone know, I'm not here to just sell products, I want them to help other women. Thats why we don't put them on Amazon or Ebay.... we are a 'customer service' business, not a mass production line.

Please post more after a few trys with the KM and let us know how it goes!!!! I look forward to reading your success story AS IT HAPPENS!!!!

Take Care,

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Re: I want my sex life back...

January 27 2010, 10:13 AM 

I've been waiting to see a new post from you. I'm only about a week ahead of you with my new kegelmaster. I got mine for the same reasons you did. I hope that you keep posting with your progress. I'm in the middle of my 3rd week now. I am noticing some differences myself. Haven't noticed a differnce in having sex with my I husband yet, but I believe that I will. The biggest change that I have so far is that I can feel my orgasm coming from all over my body now. Before I started my KM, it started in my toes & just went up to my hips. It is a pretty amazing feeling to feel it in my whole body! (This is from making myself orgasm) I'm hoping by the end of next week, I will start to feel the results with my husband being that this will be the end of my 1st month. I am now using 2 springs pst 1 & 3.I think I'm about ready to move up to pst 1&4. I started with 2 springs pst 1&2. I'm not one of these lucky girls that gets results after first session, but it is coming slowly but surely. I would love to hear how your progress is going.

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Newbie and shattered


May 8 2011, 9:06 AM 

I must say I was quite shocked when my beau and I started to have misfires. I thought as he was approaching 49 perhaps it was a bit of ed sneaking in. However, he is in awesome shape, very heatlthy and everything I looked up showed he'd be the LAST type to suffer from the physical causes of ed. Now, it is possible there are some intimacy issues (mental frame of mind can cause ed, too) but he said he didn't feel like I was gripping him anymore - and I'm tiny!! Thought we'd need the jaws of life when we first started to sleep together!! But even I noticed that the longer we have been together that after the initial entry it is much less tight and I just thought I'd gone back to "normal" after not having had a sex life for nearly a year.

But, as I also researched the internet for sex after 40 issues, etc., I ran across this device too. Worried it was all a scam, I started to just do PC excercises and see how things went in the bedroom. But the other night it happened again and this time I ended up in tears. He was very loving and said we'd figure it out - but I know how important it is that we are able to also express ourselves sexually - in a satisfying way.

So, here's hoping to all 3 of us (and the others reading) that this device really works!! I don't have an incontentince problem, and I don't generally have any complaints from sex on my part - it all feels good to me. But I want to be able to make his experience pleasurable of course and just being small must not be enough!! No one ever taught me you had to work out this muscle! :)

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