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Bladder prolapse

February 20 2010 at 7:59 PM

I was scheduled for surgery last September 2009 and cancelled. I discovered that several other women I know had the surgery and were going to have to repeat it...and were having incontinence problems and on drugs like Detrol (I think). I also read that even worse problems can develop after this surgery...pain, complete incontence, painful intercourse or worse yet...repeated surgeries. I am a very healthy 60 yr old woman and on no drugs. I am also at a healthy weight.

I have a very slight bulge of my bladder from my vagina (probably the size of a large grape...usually occurs towards afternoon and evening. If I sit properly I don't have it at all. There are days when I don't notice it at all. I have very slight leakage.

Do you think the kegelmaster would help me?

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February 21 2010, 11:57 AM 

It sounds like you are a perfect candidate for the KM2000. We've had great luck with women who have had a prolapse much worse (think egg size all the time)
completely eliminate the need for surgery after using the kelemaster.

Whether you are pre or post surgical, the benefits of strengthening your PC mucsles is invaluable. Even after surgery, women have found that by using the Kegelmaster, they have not had to have repeat surgeries, or use the drugs/creams they thought would be a lifelong must.

Please read more on bladder prolapse on our forum here. There are TONS of posts from women with in your situation, and they can tell about the outcome after using the KM2000.

We are so glad you found us now, while you still have time to stop the surgery!

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Take Care

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Will it work for me?

February 21 2010, 1:47 PM 

I have read in some of the discussion that is the bladder has fallen so that it protrudes outside the vagina that it will not work. I would consider my prolapse moderate...about the size of a large grape at the opening of the vagina. I hope I am not too late. Thanks

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Am I too late?

February 21 2010, 2:00 PM 

I was reading in the forum that if the bladder has penetrated the vaginal wall one would probably have to have the surgery. As I said before...I feel a small bulge at the mouth of the vagina about the size of a large grape. So do you still think this device would work for me?

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It might not be too late.

February 22 2010, 7:12 PM 

Its really hard to give a concrete answer as to if its too late for you. We've seen women with a higher stage, larger prolapse that has gotten much better by using the Kegelmaster, but there are no guarantees. It really depends on your own body. Are your vaginal walls thinned out also? There are many variables, age, overall muscle tone, fitness, childbirth, menopause... the list goes on and on. Each woman's body responds differently, so 2 women with the exact same stage of prolapse could have two completely different experiences with the Kegelmaster.

MY thought process would be to try anything and everything BEFORE accepting surgery. I would look at surgery as a last resort. I've had too many women that have called that have had the surgery and either have to have it again, or try something else. The kegelmaster HAS helped them, even AFTER surgery. Even the surgery has no guarantees that it will last, or that it will work at all. Sometimes it causes more problems.

You have to feel comfortable with your choice, whichever one you make. I know that probably doesn't sound like 'cheerleader' for the Kegelmaster, but I believe that if you go into something believing it won't work, then it won't. You have to have trust in whatever product or procedure you decide to go with. In my opinion, the least invasive is always the 1st step for me. I can tell you it wored with my stress/urge incontinence, it worked quickly and has continued to help me as i've gotten older. I wouldn't give mine up... and would definately try something like the Kegelmaster before going to a more extreme procedure.

Hope that helped a little :-)

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Did you get results

October 20 2011, 10:12 AM 

Hi, I am in about the same condition as you describe here. Did the exercises improve your cystocele at all? Curious since I'm beginning this journey.

Thank you!!

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