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July 23 2010 at 3:27 PM

I ordered my kegelmaster years ago due to finding out I had a moderate uterine prolapse. The doctor told me my only option was surgery. He was amazed to see that the prolapse was gone after I used the kegelmaster for several months. That was years ago. I got lazy and stopped using it :( and now have the prolapse again plus the cystocele and rectocele. The doctor claims the prolapse is now severe and wants to schedule surgery to take care of these things. My question - could it be possible for it to help again? The doctor claims it is now a ligament issue versus muscle. However he did not think the kegelmaster would cure it the first time so I am hopeful. I was just curious what you thought and if others have had success. Thanks so much. This product is amazing.

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Absolutely, Try it again before Surgery

July 26 2010, 3:23 PM 

It worked before, so you know you can do it. I would definately give it a good try before scheduling surgery. Non invasive is much better, in my opinion.

Start slow again, and see how YOU feel. No one knows your body better than you do. Give it a month or so and see if your doctor can see some improvement. It wont' happen overnight, but you still have a chance!

Good Luck and let us know how it goes!

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back pain

August 11 2010, 7:35 PM 

Thanks so much for the response. I have another question and am not sure if you can help me or not. I have had bad lower back pain just on my left side. The doctor says this is most likely due to the prolapse and the tilted uterus. I have noticed that after I do the kegels, it seems to aggravate that area. I did have the kegelmaster set way too high from when I used it years ago and I changed it a couple of weeks ago. I assumed that aggravated the area because I was overworking the muscle. I desperately want to avoid surgery if possible but the pain is starting to wear me out. I was so amazed I avoided surgery last time and am trying to do these exercises regularly. I was just curious about the pain after doing the kegels. Thanks so much for a response and I completely understand if it is not something you can answer.

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Question regarding exercise

August 13 2010, 9:10 AM 

I have another question I wanted to add. I saw someone's post where it was recommended not to do aerobics until the prolapse has been corrected. Is it harmful to walk as exercise for about 30 minutes while dealing with the prolapse? It is hard for me no to exercise at all but I really want to correct this prolapse if possible without surgery. Thanks for any information you have. I am so disappointed I stopped using the kegelmaster years ago after I corrected my prolapse. I am pretty positive I could have avoided this happening again.

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Please don't put yourself in pain.

August 16 2010, 7:38 PM 

You do NOT want to feel pain while using the Kegelmaster. There is a difference between the 'tiredness' of working out the muscles and pain. Lower the settings (like you did) and start with less, I would expect you would feel some 'fullness' and tightening, but not pain severe enough to make you 'ouchy'

I agree with the NO Aerobics (You don't need the bouncing around while trying to get things BACK to where they belong) however i would say slow walking would be ok... just not jogging or anything that jostles you too much.

Sorry I hadn't responded, i was out of town and just back in. Please keep us informed of your progress and keep working on keeping surgery free!!!


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