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Is it Normal or Im doing sthg wrong? :(

May 27 2011 at 2:59 PM

Good day to all! I am using the kegelmaster and I find it absolutely awesome! It's helping me a lot exercising my pelvic floor muscles .. I have a full awareness now of which those muscles are and how to "isolate" them .. BUT .. I am worried something is wrong. I am using 2 springs now and I can properly close the device with 30 reps of 3 sec three times a day ... the problem is that I feel like a "slight" movement/participation of my abdominal muscles .. it is a slight one but it seems to be quite Impossible for me to "completely stop them" .. and it happens at the last of the 3 seconds..right at the end :(
Is it normal? Am I doing something wrong? I would like to make sure I am actually using it right! Any tips/suggestions?
Maybe a proper position to adopt?
A kind reply from u would greatly appreciated :) thanks much in advance!

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Re: Is it Normal or Im doing sthg wrong? :(

July 6 2011, 4:47 PM 

Sounds like you are doing great.  How long have you been using the KM?  It would be better NOT to use the abdominal muscles at all... position change may help.  Try a reclining position where your abdominals are relaxed, some prefer a reclining chair as opposed to a bed.  Also try moving a pillow to tilt your pelvic area up a little.  Every woman is different so you have to adjust your position or spring settings to work for YOU.  Let us know if this helps a bit.   Keep on Kegeling!

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Not sure this is normal

September 26 2011, 10:47 AM 

I purchased my Kegelmaster almost 2yrs ago. Used it for awhile and then quit. Lately started up again..noticed that when I insert it sometimes (I do them at night) it's not opening up and I just keep opening it by unscrewing it but the width between the top and bottom part of the Kegelmaster stays the same. I used to experience a gap between the top and bottom after I started screwing it open but now am not? I still do them and I can feel a little movement of the kegelmaster closing but not alot. And only once have I heard the "click. When I first used it I could feel the Kegelmaster close and open. I"m thinking I have a prolapse of some sort that is keeping it from opening after insertion even though I unscrew it up to 10-turns of the screw. I just don't want to be doing anything wrong. I saw your suggestion to do the exercises in the morning...I will try that and see how it goes.
I will follow up!
Thanks, Sharon

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Re: Not sure this is normal

August 13 2012, 7:12 PM 

I have the same problem as you !!

Just purchased the Kegelmaster, and started with the 1st level. However, I couldn't feel anything was open after inserting the device.........I was pretty sure that I had un-screwed the knok for quite a lot of turns.

when I tried to "squeeze" it, not feeling anything any movement

The most unexpected thing was.......I was not able to pull it out after my excercise.....

Anybody expeienced the same issue? Or any suggestions??

BTW, I did it in the morning, though.

Thanks a lot !!!!!!!

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