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October 5 2012 at 12:21 AM

Hello Everyone!
Im very very glad I found this site first of all!!
It has been giving me alottt of hope after dying in tears thinking that my life was pretty much OVER? So here is my story
I'm only 19 years old, I had my handsome baby boy (WHO I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART) on August 8th, 2012. It was a vaginal delivery, no complications at all, pushed for about 2 hours!. I came home next day. Everything was fine until at about 3 week postpartum I was washing myself downthere and I felt something fleshy. I inmediatelly checked at on the mirror and I was freaking out when I saw that bulge in there. I started crying, I was so so scared. I inmediatelly went to a walk-in-clinic (I live in Canada, Alberta). The doctor told me I had a mild prolapse, didn't give me more information he just said that hopefully it'd settle down if not SURGERY!!!. He told not to miss my 6 week checkup which was Sept. 28th not too long ago! . That day when I came back from the walk-in-clinic I started researching like crazy, spent hours and hours everyday on the computer just reading about it all over and over. I was horrified. I read about everything, pessaries, kegels, surgery, everything! I would cry everyday and all the time, this thing wouldn't let me enjoy my family especially baby.
Well I went to the gyn the 28th, he checked me I was the one who told him I had a prolapse, he did say I did, but didn't say anything else!!!I was waiting for him to I dont know EXAMINE ME? like to tell what degree what kind of prolapse, that kind of things! but he did not. He did told not to worry that it wasn't bad. He sent me to do kegels, and if I didnt know how to do them, I could use vaginal cones... and in 3 months everything should be back in its place. I just said ok (VERY DISSAPOINTED) :(
and well since then I havent done any kegels, I don't want thiings to get worse if I don't do them right. I've been researching more and more, and BAMMM I found this site YEYYYYYY xD
I would like pleaseeee someone tell me some of their experience with this kegelmaster, I'm looking forward to using it I REALLY AM if can actually help me... THE bad thing is that I don't know what kind of prolapse I have. And by the way Im breastfeeding and I don't want to stop doing that (for the best of my baby)
Also intercourse is uncomfortable and not much sensation!
my partner hasnt tell me anything yet about things feeling different I wonder if he does...
please anyone ... can the kegelmaster hellp me??? does it really work!!!
it looks abit difficult to use
sorry its so long i just need your advice and experience!! thanksssss

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