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What Every Woman Needs to know.

November 16 2013 at 1:11 PM
Sari Wexler 

Please continue to pursue some type of pelvic floor exercise program, whatever you do!

It makes so much sense, but is there any information that is so vital, but is just not effectively provided!

All of us know the hazards. and can somewhat weigh the risk of smoking, of not wearing seat-belts, of eating too many sweets, etc.

Why aren't the consequences of not exercising the PC muscle shouted to women, everywhere?****

It is simply common sense. It is an anatomical fact that this muscle is responsible for supporting the bladder, uterus and rectum. When properly toned the body functions the way nature intended. When a muscle is underexercised (or traumatized during childbirth), a condition called atrophy can occur.

Dr. Arnold Kegel, a Los Angeles gynecologist beginning in the 1940's, was the first modern doctor to prove that with effective exercise, this muscle can be totally rejuvenated by over 93% of women. (He did not recommend doing squeezes without some type of resistive device, by the way).

At Kegelmaster WorldWide ( , we are very proud to be the premier distributor for a breakthrough product which simply put is a fulfillment of Dr. Kegel's message.

Please call us at 888-Kegelmaster between 9:00AM (Eastern) and 8:00PM Monday - Saturday and Noon-8:00 PM on Sunday to speak with someone about pelvic floor exercise. We go to great expense to insure that (without having to deal with an answering machine) during these hours you will always be able to speak with someone who is knowledgeable and eager to help.

We'd like you to spend some time reading many of the posts in this forum from myself and from readers like you, which deal with such varied subjects as incontinence, pelvic pain, uterine prolapse, bladder prolapse (cystocele), pelvic pain, vaginal tightness, orgasms, and more! (Think of it as "The Vagina Dialogues"!) We promise that you will come away with knowledge that should positively affect the rest of your life.

Thanks again for your interest.


Sari Wexler

Kegelmaster WorldWide

**** I copied this from an internet discussion. This lady could have avoided every single one of these problems if originally she had exercised her PC muscles. Although this is an extreme example, please benefit from her experience!

Dear Dr. _____,

I wrote to you via the chat group about 2 years ago after having a rectocele and cystocele repair surgery that failed within a few weeks.

A colorectal surgeon who examined me before the repair surgery said I had significant pelvic descent and she doubted the surgery would work--but no one shared that with me beforehand. When things went wrong, I was told how "very rare" I was--despite fact that I warned the surgeon that my ob/gyn didn't want to tackle the surgery because he said I didn't have very good tissues and there was not much left to work with. I also had passed along my ob/gyn's thoughts that they might need to use mesh or something -- but the surgeon didn't take my comments seriously.

Three years later, I still have a very large rectocele (and cystocele and enterocele) and can only complete a bowel evacuation by pressing on my perineum. It's gotten worse to the point that I have to push my entire perineal area back toward my rectum so hard that I feel like I'm practically turning a pocket inside out. I'm certain that my bladder is no longer supported properly because I no longer have the normal sensations of needing to urinate --however, I can feel when my bladder is full and do not have any problematic incontinence.

Things got much worse after I walked on a treadmill this winter (when I wasn't having as much pain). I think more tissue (or ligaments) have torn or something--I often feel pain shooting down my leg on the former "good" side as if I pulled a hamstring--but the pain won't go away even after 6 weeks. The pain gets aggravated by bowel movements, stairs, getting out of the car, etc. It feels like I have a hernia on both sides. I do not want to go through any surgery again if there's a chance I would get only worse. I don't trust the doctors at the __________ Clinic, where I had the repair surgery, because the specialist who does reconstructive perianal surgery actually implied that something else must be wrong with me to cause the surgery to fail because the doctor who performed my surgery was "the best." (The doctor who performed my surgery retired shortly afterwards.)

I'm only 50 years old (just turned 50) and really don't know what anyone can do for me. I would like to just live with it, but the pain is so frequent and getting more and more severe--I sometimes wonder if I could get a blood clot or rupture or something if I don't follow up on this. Can you recommend any surgeon (it doesn't have to be in the _________ area) that has experience in dealing with the problems I'm having? Is it okay to ignore this type of pain? If it's just tendons and ligaments causing the pain, can I just wait until I can take the time I need for any further surgery to heal before going back to (office) work? Your recommendation will be appreciated. ==============================================

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