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Thanks Sari and another question...

November 25 2000 at 2:48 AM


Thanks for your quick reply to my previous post. I'm happy to report that in the few days since my last post, I have gotten even stronger. I've been really pleased with how I'm progressing. This is the first "exercise" that I've ever looked forward to doing!

I have another question about using the Kegelmaster. I read that it is recommended to use 10-15 minutes prior to intercourse. Wouldn't your muscles be exhausted (and hard to contract) then, or do they keep contracting involuntarily? Just curious.

Thanks again!


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Kegelmaster Contractions

November 25 2000, 8:31 AM 

Hi Christi:

Thanks for writing back! It is so important for women to know, as you have found out... that Kegelmaster workouts are not drudgery!

It is a "suggestion" to occasionally do the Kegelmaster workout prior to intercourse as this will magnify and intensify the "involuntary" contractions of orgasm during intercourse. Another wonderful characteristic of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is that after exercise it tends to remain in a state of semi-contraction, such that you will be at your absolute peak in terms or tightness and responsiveness just after doing the Kegelmaster contractions.

In the next day or two I am going to make a much more comprehensive "post" regarding the incredible sexual benefits of a stronger, well-toned, pubococcygeus muscle.

Incredibly, as Dr. Kegel was doing his breakthrough work regarding incontinence in the 1940's this was considered an unwelcome side effect!

Christi, thank you for excellent questions and for your comments. Please keep up the great work you are doing with the Kegelmaster and write again, soon!

forum moderator

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Can't wait to try it...

November 26 2000, 3:35 AM 


I really appreciate your quick and thorough answers to my questions. I must say I'm SO glad that I finally decided to get a Kegelmaster. It's something I had thought about for some time...and now I wish I had done it earlier. I'm looking forward to experiencing all of the benefits (and so is my boyfriend)!

Take care.


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