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((IC)) A Nice Tuesday Talk........

November 12 2003 at 11:11 PM
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01:00 P.M.
<I entered the room to find Sharon folding some clean clothes. She was 5'6" with long, dark brown hair that seemed to resemble a flowing stream of water as each aspect of her hair shinee with every motion that she made. Her eyes were the color of hazel, her eyes were horizontally narrow to the point that one would make the assumption that she is a negative person. She is not the skinniest person in world, and she was not the biggest. Sharon was in between.>
<Although her two Boy’S Ralph and Leonard were a hassle, she always maintain a positive attitude no matter how bad the situation ever got. Sharon is a single mother. Her husband, Harry Carter, who was a dear friend of mine, died in the midst of the Colony-English collision. When times were hard with shortages in food and supplies, she was the only person that would take care of me during my time of disability.> Sharon, what do you think about leaving Japan and making a new life somewhere else. <She hesitated and presented a troubled look on her face.> [Sharon] Uummm.... I don't know; I have been living here for quite a while now. <She put her hand on her hip.> Why do you ask? [Diego] I think we should leave Japan and make a new life somewhere else, somewhere better. [Sharon] Like....... <She gave an anxious gesture.> [Diego] I think we should move to the colonies. [Sharon] The colonies?! [Diego] Yes, the colonies. It's cleaner, it's prettier there no, it's- [Sharon] It's too far away and I'm comfortable here where I am. [Diego] Think about the boys. The environment there is healthier. The air is cleaner and the gravity is less of a burden to them. Why not move to the colonies, we have nothing to lose. [Sharon] No Rojo! I do not like the idea of living in the colonies. [Diego] Why not? [Sharon] I would not feel safe there. Besides, I'm afraid of flying. [Diego] Please Sharon... Just think about it. The colonies would provide a better atmosphere for the boys. The air is cleaner, the gravity is less of a burden on their fragile bodies, and need I go on??? [Sharon] I...I don't know Rojo, I mean would wouldn't even have a way to get there. [Diego] Let me handle that. I have some old friends heart-warming friends from the colonies. I managed to get into contact with them. They can arrange our travel. [Sharon] Diego, we couldn't find work there. [Diego] I've got a job offering there. Sharon, you have to trust me. We can make it there. It's so beautiful. They are full of astounding Colonial Architecture and other different works of art. The schools have excellent academic curriculums. Please Sharon, please. <Her head fell.> Let me think about it. <I left her to think it over. Later that night, she agreed to travel to the "Stars" with me.>

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