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  • (IC) The Long and Winding Road... Ends. - Chapter 5 Finale - IMPORTANT!
    • Nathan Carver
      Posted May 5, 2002 12:02 PM

      This post contains a log that is meant to set the tone for the finale conflict in chapter 5. With the crash of the Intruder mothership in Brazil, the Earth seems victorious. However, Zi Kaenon and his fellow survivors are still hell-bent on exterminating humanity. After gathering a sizable force in the North American mid-west, a united group of formed of soldiers, Templars, mercenaries, and other volunteers now move southward, to face Kaenon's awakening fleet before it can come to full strength.

      It is an engagement that will no doubt go down in the history of the After Colony era, shaping the future of both races for generations to come.

      Feel free to show us your own character's role in this conflict. If you cannot make it into the chat for the action itself, supply the details via a message board post. Thanks!

      (Please note that the following was made from an mIRC log, and may seem a bit disjointed)

      Allard's warning is given, with immediate results. Across the encampment, hundreds of able soldiers and volunteers cut short their good-byes, and move to their assigned posts. Columns of steam rise throughout the city as different ships begin their pre-flight sequences. Mobile suits emerge from bunkers and paddocks, readying their weapons.

      Throughout it all, the human story seems almost lost. A chorus of machinery drowns out the impression of who is behind them. Yet, it does not eclipse the spirit of what they are fighting for.>

      Moments seem to drag on as tension extends its time to hours. More and more, troops move into place. Hatches seal, vessels close. Weapon mounts stand to attention, bristling and swiveling into place. Long lines of sensor eyes flare to life.>

      [Garret] <He stands onboard the Victory-class carrier "Titan." Given the knowledge of his true deeds, held by such troublemakers as Yuji, he moves into battle under deception. He will reveal his presence in the heat of things. His role will be that of a true hero. It is all planned that way.>

      <Nathan_Carver> [Garret] Launch. <His ship begins to lift off. Nearby, the first vessels in its attack wing follow. Mentally, he also sends his 'trigger' to the central core that nurtures his mind. The Swarm becomes aware, and sets its plans in motion. Now, to respond to their unwitting "avatar," Stockton.>

      <Nathan_Carver> <He moves up the ramp of the Marquis, slight anxiety starting to grow. Pushing it down into his gut, he looks at the activity around him. Profound silence in a hive of activity. Lining up near a set of lockers, he retrieves a flight uniform, and looks to the mobile suit he had requested. Heather's own Silhouette, still serviced and ready for combat, waits.>

      <Nathan_Carver> <Settling into the cockpit, he waits. It could be moments, or hours before the shooting starts. But, he will be ready. The Marquis begins to lift off.>

      In Brazil's jungles, Vionhal stands high. Mist begins to pour out of the cavern opening in mothership as vessels emerge from the interior hanger. Dozens, possibly a hundred ships of various shapes and sizes. His own grand army, or what remains of it.

      As the jungle sun shines down on his perched mobile suit, Kaenon turns the sensor head towards the north. A psychic command is given, a metal arm is raised. Standing upon the deck of a gunship, Vionhal gives its battlecry, and issues the charge.

      A swirl of psilver seems to seep out of the ground near Colby Stockton's mobile suit. One of many that resides in underground resevoirs all over the planet. Bat-winged and insect-like creatures begin to form from it, slowly taking shape.

      Other macabre creatures shamble out of other pools. Some stand as large as Colby's mobile suit, others even larger. They resemble the horrors fought years before, though tempered in their looks to seem less terrible. This effort does not help, though.

      The Marquis, as the fastest of the vessels, takes the forefront of the line. Its comm systems send out the general order over and over, hoping to gain more support from any stragglers about.

      Others follow it. Noah's Einzauber banks, and turns about. As the ship comes dangerously close to it, he reconfigures, and lands in a sheltered crevice on its hull.
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