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This storyboard is where amateur writers get together to practice their love of writing in the fantasy genre. All the stories take place in the fantasy world of Variance. To learn more about this world, visit the main web site linked below. Many writing boards are associated with Variance and they are also linked below. Check out our FAQ page if you need help getting started here, or leave a message on our   OOC Board. Visit our Main Web Site.

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Overseer: Nicklar
Bartenders: Matrix (barbarian) Blade(gladiator), Flann (dwarf), Halcyon (albino drow), Brak (ogre),and Anton
Barmaids: Mave, Marna, Nemia, Jezeri, Carmenta (daugher Ella age 7)
Urchins: Boys: Josh (12), Con (12), Rooster (10), Whip (9), Palo (8), Baily (11), Lorrick (11), Stevo (16) Girls: Lonnie (7), Marla (12), Ginnis (9), Ablina (10)
Cooks: Chang Po, and Kaylarin

The board manager, has the right to Delete any posts he deems inappropriate to this writing board. If you are intending to write in a bad (evil) character as a "main" character to cause havoc here, you must consult with the board manager by email about it first. Sorry, but that's the new rule. If you find it to be offensive, feel free to start your own writing board.

NEWCOMERS: Before you start here, please read our FAQ page linked above for helpful information and board rules.

NOTE: To move posts in a thread back to the "left" to keep them from going off the right side of the screen, reply to the FIRST message in that thread instead of the last one. Anyone with a Network54 login name can "edit" their own posts.

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