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Yes, Molly was a tiny, skinny 8-yr-old, but she also looked even smaller because our Annie was tall - I think around 5'1" actually. We had a lot of small adults in the cast (Grace was 5'2"-ish, Rooster was about 5'5") so it didn't help that Annie was taller than usual. I mentioned in my first post that a lot of people thought Tessie should have been Annie - she was very small and VERY good.

This was a community theatre production in 1991, no mikes, all volunteer including the orchestra and the staff.

Annie was a tall 12-yr-old, and she had a tall 10-yr-old sister who had played Annie earlier, at age 8! The sister wasn't cast in our production, but one day our Annie came down with laryngitis and her sister stepped in and did the role! It was quite exciting. That was the day before I ran offstage just as Never Fully Dressed was starting, and threw up! (I used to get migraines as a kid.) That was an exciting weekend of shows.

Oh, and I'd rather not give Annie's name because she has no idea that I posted this and might not want to be identified!

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