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Hi Broadway fan,

A few more simple things you can do are:

-lip trills -- buzz your lips so they vibrate together, then "sing" scales like that
-tongue trills -- a tongue trill is basically a rolled R that is sustained - sing scales and warmups like that
-NG with an open mouth

All of those are good to see how your voice is functioning and if your vocal cords are healthy and not tired. You should be able to do lip or tongue trills very high, even if you aren't warmed up to sing that high. Humming is good for your lower range, so you don't force your voice. Singing on an NG sound with an open mouth is also good, close to a hum but keeps your larynx up.

-Breathing: take a good breath that fills your diaphragm and feels like it's going across your back. Don't raise your shoulders or stick your chest out when you breathe! A good way to practice breathing is blow ALL your air out in a "HUH" sound. Let yourself feel your body empty of air until you can't stand it anymore, then let yourself take a breath - don't force it, but take the natural breath you need! This should be a healthy, low, diaphragm breath.

-Hiss: Take a good breath, then hiss out on short "S", like this: S-S-S-S-S... see how many you can do until your breath is gone, then try again. This will help build breath control.

Those are some basic things that can help you build a foundation. I'm not a teacher, but I work on these things with my teacher!

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