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No warm ups were done with any of the kids prior to the show. I understand from the Balon family that on the equity tour the music coach or conducter always warmed up the kids for 15 mins prior to the show.
On this tour the-powers-that-be are insisting that sound check serves as a warm up (which is so absurd). The kids were told that there is no time for warm ups. Once they get to the theater for 30 minute call they have to get changed, get notes go straight to wigs (well Amanda has to) and then they are on stage.
They are not allowed to warm up in the dressing rooms or adjacent bathrooms. Most of the time the venues are very far from the hotel so we have to go by bus and at times run a little late. The girls are not allowed to warm up on the bus (even if it is their only chance to do so) and have been severly reprimanded for doing so.
I don't know why it took the Balons so long to jump on this and duke it out with the managers.
If it were my daughter playing Annie and having to belt out 8 to 9 shows a week, I would demand she do a warm up or she would be out. To be fair MomBalon has been recurrently asking,for Amanda to be allowed to warm up prior to the show and I believe she even offered to pay the vocal coach to help or simply allow the girls to warm up beforehand or even quietly on the bus, but it seems that she was dismissed. She was told that they would look into havng the kids warm up.

The Balons 1st obligation is to their child and her health and on recognizing that no effort was made, in vocally prepaing the kids Angelique (the mom) stood her ground and pulled her daughter out. She met with much resistance when she asked for 7 days off. She was given 3 or maybe 4 days max instead....don't quote me on the exact number) I am not sure about the hulabaloo that went on but I believe that Amanda's return was conditional on her getting warmed up properly prior to the show. She now warms up (I believe every day with the vocal coach and alone in the restroom) The result is amazing. Amandas singing is phenomenal ... as good as her acting. The other orphans still are not permitted to warm up. Mine plays a small part so its not that big a deal. Hopefully they start warming up the understudy soon even if it is for the 2 shows a week as it sounds like she may be running into similar problems.
This has been greatly frustrating for all the kids and the chaperones. I cannot even imagine how awful it would be to have a kids voice damaged at such a young age, simply because there was "no time" for them to do a 15 minute warm up prior to the show.

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