please lets put an end to this!

by Julie Stevens (no login)


Please read my post to the tour moms a few strings below. I suggest that all of us stay out of this alleged dispute about vocal warmups. It's obvious that some of the posts are coming from someone in the cast on tour, however, it's not clear if it is a parent or adult cast member. All I know is that someone is stirring up trouble and involving all of us in it and I don't really appreciate it.

Look, if your child is not warming up properly, then make sure it happens BEFORE half hour. If you have an issue with your employer, take it up with them, not on a public chat board. If you feel your child is in danger, LEAVE. No one is forcing any of the parents to stay on this tour and if someone feels that their child is not being treated well, then they should take their child away. That is what a good parent does - protects their child from immediate and future danger (both physically and mentally). No job is worth damaging a child's voice or self-esteem.

If the posts from the tour continue, I will begin blocking IP addresses, which ends up affecting lots of people with similar IP addresses. Please stop using this website as your anonymous place to vent your frustrations with decisions YOU made.


Posted on Mar 13, 2008, 11:47 AM
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