President Carter

by Jon Merrill (no login)


One could say that Annie was very well timed, coming just at the beginning of the Jimmy Carter administration in 1977. Now that the debacle of Watergate was behind us, the American people welcomed the arrival of the genial, smiling new president who made us feel optimistic about the times our country was entering. What better time for the people of New York to become familiar with Orphan Annie on the stage!! "Tomorrow" was the theme that kept our chins up. It was appropriate that the cast got to go to the White House and meet Mr. and Mrs. Carter and their Annie-aged daughter Amy.

All good things have to come to an end, I guess. The world was changing in the late '70s, and Carter was seen as a weak president and was a disappointment to many. He was defeated for reelection, and his presidency went out--to quote T. S. Eliot--not with a bang but a whimper. The only problem was that we were then saddled for two interminably long terms with Ronald Reagan, one of our worst presidents in the past half century. Meanwhile, the Nationals had begun to crisscross the nation, and Annie continued to endure, thank goodness, but the optimism we felt with Jimmy Carter in 1977, alas, was gone.

OT Trivia: Name Amy Carter's cat in the White House.

Answer: Misty Malarkey Ying Yang.

(not to be confused with "Oh, Bundles, still full of the same old malarkey!")

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