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For some reason I'm getting a lot of peer pressure to post an intro - for reasons I've yet to fathom

So, before I am beaten up at my locker after school I thought I'd contribute.

FWIW, I haven't added to this thread only because I've been posting here for years and have probably bored everyone by now with my Annie background. So, don't blame me if you lapse into a coma

I was born in a trunk at the Princess theater in Pocatella, Idaho. It was during the matinee on Friday
And they used a makeup towel for my didee
Now, if you're a TRUE theater fan you'll know that


I first heard of Annie sometime in early 1977, after it opened on Bway. There was a long interview/article in the Boston Globe with Andrea and Robyn. At age 11 I didn't know about Broadway but after reading that article not only did I want to become an actress (and play Annie of course), I wanted to BE Andrea.

I actually wrote to her several times and she wrote back. Still have those letters and headshots she sent

I saw the show in early '78 but to be honest, I don't remember a lot about it. I remember loving it and thinking Andrea was amazing. I wanted her to be my very best friend haha
Oh, and I remember being upset when the orphans start mimicking Annie while she reads the note to Molly. I thought they were mean. Oddly, I wasn't as upset about the treatment they received from Miss Hannigan. LOL

That Fall, the show came to Boston with Kathy-Jo Kelly. I saw it several times, using my babysitting money. I have a GREAT photo of the KJK cast of orphans, with Moose the stage manager, that was hanging in a nearby restaurant.

I went there for lunch with a friend and knowing I was an Annie fan, she asked the manager if I could have it. LOL Can you believe that? We were only 12. Well, wouldn't ya know, I was given the picture. I'll never forget that. That restaurant manager made me the happiest kid.

After KJK came Mary K. Lombardi (I think). I remember LOVING MKL's voice and thinking this cast out did
the previous one (sorry!). This cast sold-out at the Colonial Theater (one of the prettiest in the country, I'm told) for 6 months! When the company left town they took out a full-page ad, thanking Boston for their hospitality. And they left only because they were already booked at other theaters and couldn't delay those stops any more. And yes, I still have that ad.

Kristi Coombs played Molly in that cast.
The following year Kristi played Annie! I remember being worried she was too small. But her acting and powerful-yet-still-a-little-girl's voice made me forget her size. She was really good.

Then came Becky Snyder (now Beki). I'd have to dig out the program to jog my memory of this cast but I remember liking Beki overall.

Theda Stemler followed. Oddly, what I remember about Theda was her long, skinny legs and for some (very shallow) reason I didn't think she looked like Annie -because of those legs. Don't ask! I was a kid.

Somewhere in there Molly Hall was doing the bus & truck tour and I went to Rhode Island to see that cast. It was a smaller cast, one less orphan and fewer in the ensemble.

I saw each cast perform, except for Mollie's, several times. I often sat in the orchestra. Ya know, the expensive seats at $20.00 a pop.

I didn't know about going to the stage door for autographs, unfortunately. I'm really bummed about that now.

However, I have quite a collection of articles and audio interviews. That's right, we didn't have vcrs back then so I used to hold my cassette recorder up to the tv whenever anything Annie-related was on.

I have Andrea on Mike Douglas (post Annie);Danielle in a couple of interviews while she was on Archie's Place;
te audition with Allison Smith; a great interview with Bridget many. Not to mention endless newspaper articles, playbills, photos and letters.

Julie has several of the articles I collected on this site. But most are stuck to my photo album and I can't get them out.
Apparently, I wasn't too smart about preserving them

So...that is my Annie background. I lost touch, or stopped my obsession (you decide after high school. I was focused on other things but never lost my love for the theater (I was a ballet dancer). It wasn't until I saw the Primetime Annie20th special that my childhood love for Annie was reignited.

After the special I did a search and was surprised to find others out there like me; who turned to Annie not just for the love of the show but because it gave them comfort from their chaotic family life.

I don't remember how I found Julie's site but I found it shortly after she put it up and have been here ever since. Annoying, aren't I?

I've always posted as Katherine, for what it's worth. Another Katherine arrived so I changed my name to Katherine-the-original but grew tired of typing that out. So, a few months ago I shortened it to K-the-O. I know some of you don't think I'm a real person but I am!

Okay, I'm calling 911 now because I know you're all in a coma-like state. Just send me the hospital bill and I'll reimburse you

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