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I went to see the show in Boston last night and it was great!

First of all, I am one of the dance teachers for an orphan, so I will put it out there that I am biased! All of the girls were wonderful. I enjoyed Smile more than I could have imagined. Each girl seems well cast in her role. I couldn't imagine them in any part other than there own. Some great parts were Molly pretending to Ms. Hannigan, July and Molly doing the ventriloquist, the Molly "shimmy" in Smile, and all of the interactions with Daddy Warbucks and Ms Hannigan. I think the comedic timing of Amanda was amazing and a gift.

I feel I can give a better opinion of the adults, since I don't know any of them. Ruthie Ann Miles caught my eye instantly in the Hooverville song and she had a shine about her in every number. J. Michael Zygo was great as Rooster, amazing dancing! David Barton was great, you could see his heart growing, coldness shrinking. I think Lynn Andrews was also wonderful. I hope that she returns. The 11 year old next to me couldn't stop laughing when she hits the doll on the desk and the head fell off.

I sat very close and at first was distracted by the head mikes. At first I thought the orphans had clips in their hair, but once I figured out what was there, I forgot about the mikes. Only once did I see a set start to peep out during a scene.

All in all, a great night. The ushers at the Wang were great, two different ushers asked people to make their phone calls in the lobby. I think an improvement could be start time. I would have loved to have brought my daughter (2 years old) but it ended very late.

Posted on Mar 29, 2008, 11:49 AM
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