Non-equity tour 1999-2000

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So, I was browsing around the 'net recently and came across this post by a former Daddy Warbucks.

We've had a lot of discussion on this forum on the pros & cons of touring and the pros & cons of a non-equity tour.

The following post reflects those discussions, showing this actor's positive and negative experience while on various tours. I like that this gentleman went in with as much information as possible and just tried to do his job. When the experience wasn't working for him he simply left - on good terms, knowing it was time to move on.
Bravo to this actor for handling a job like a professional.


I've done two tours with NETworks, Annie in '99-2000 and The Full Monty in '03. The two experiences were like night and day.
Annie was mostly one nighters and split weeks and in 14 months I did over 350 performances in theaters ranging from Mandalay Bay in Vegas to an old opera house in Waco, TX where most of the set would not fit. Some of the hotels we stayed in were absolute shit holes. One in Tallahassee, FL was to be demolished the week after we stayed there so hotel management couldn't give a damn about lack of housekeeping, plumbing, even functioning locks on the doors.

After a while some of the cast started doing their own hotel booking. Even though I played Warbucks I still had to share a hotel room, which I paid for, until my original contract ended and I re-negotiated. As one poster stated if they want you they'll bend over backwards. The stage manager and company manager were lovers and the stage manager hated actors. This meant there was no recourse for addressing conflicts. There were long periods where the morale of the company suffered because of this conflict of interests.

The Full Monty was an entirely different experience. NETworks bought out the Broadway contract and schedule so it was all week and two week sit downs. I played Harold and got my own room .The cast, crew, and band got along well so morale was pretty high. I tried to negotiate for a better deal for the second leg, mostly split weeks, but the general manager wouldn't play so I left on good terms and with no regrets.

Prior to working with NETworks I had done 5 other national tours so I went into the NETworks experience with my eyes wide open.

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