National Tour in Colorado Springs, CO

by Fantastic5 (no login)

Hello... I am a frequent reader of the board, but have only posted a time or two. I wanted to share about our experience seeing the National Tour of Annie last night in Colorado Springs. My daughter and I saw the show with some friends, and we all loved it!! The entire cast was FABULOUS and we were very impressed with ALL the orphans. They all played their parts soooo well. Annalisa wasn't there so Marina played Molly and Sunny played Duffy. Marina did a great job as Molly, she was very cute and funny(her imitation of Hannigan was great) and her singing was very nice. We were kinda bummed that we missed Annalisa, but but Marina didn't skip a beat and we instantly fell in love with her as Molly. Sunny fit right in as well and if you didn't know she was an adult, it would be hard to tell. Abby's whining as Tessie was cute and funny... not overdone or annoying at all. Madison was cast perfectly as Pepper... she was a great bully... very believable. Jaida (July) is such a beautiful girl, she has great stage pressence and really stands out on stage. Grace, as Kate, was adoreable too, she's shorter than I expected, but was perfect... I loved her messy pony tails! Amanda was awesome, of corse, and sounded great... she had a wonderful connection with Daddy Warbucks and was sooo sweet with Mikey(Sandy). She is unbelievably talented (as are all of the girls) and so mature for her age. One of my favorite scenes was the dance scene in "Smile"... the girls were impecable and it looked like they were having so much fun... it just made you smile!! The set was wonderful... (i know that there were some earlier discussions about it being pretty lame at some of the smaller theaters) however, last night it was a full set with with all the bells and whistles. The best part of the set for me was the snow falling outside the large windows, behind the grand staircase on Christmas Eve/Christmas. It looked very real. After the show we got to meet all the girls (orphans,sunny,Lynn-Miss Hannigan and even Mikey and Lola)at the stage door. They were all so sweet and polite, you could tell they were pretty tired, but they all happily took the time to sign our daughters t-shirts, chat a minute and take LOTS of pictures. THANKS GIRLS!! All in all it was a great evening... totally worth every penny. If you get the chance to go, don't hesitate. I highly reccommend it!

Posted on Apr 3, 2008, 8:21 AM
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