stage mom or just good mom?

by tonya (no login)

I often wonder about this: Am I a stage mom or just a good mom?

I think it would be irresponsible to put your child in a situation where you don't know what is going on. It should be known that you won't go for the child being taken advantage of or put in a less than ideal situation. To be informed of what is going on in a show, you have to ask questions and be there often to check out the environment. Allison is never in a show that I haven't personally met the director and other adults she will be in contact with. If I am even the slightest bit worried about any situation, I am there to watch her every second (I have demanded to be in the dressing rooms after being made aware of a certain situation).

For instance, Allison did a lot of work with a theater in the past. The kids were to be there on a Saturday from noon until midnight with a dinner break. The parents could come and take the child to dinner, etc but they didn't want paarents hanging around the entire time. They said they would keep an eye on the kids. When I went by at 7 pm, the room they were in had no AC (it was 90 degrees outside), there was no water available, and there was no adult in the room. I turned the thermostat down (the kids just didn't know how), got the stage manager out of the rehearsal, and called a few other parents I knew. In about 20 minutes, there were some other parents there, cold water was being served, and executive the director of the theater company (who was out of town)had been called. The director was less than thrilled about the whole situation but I didn't care. I did what was best for my child and the others. Is this stage mom or good mom?

Yes, I do make my daughter practice a song, etc until she gets it right (people pay a lot of money to see these shows). But she is the one who wants be in the shows and thrives on going to auditions, etc. If we make a long trip for an audition (like to NYC), yes, I make her get ready for it. She is told that if we make the commitment to go then she must make the commitment to be the best she can be at the audition.

So, how do you know when you cross the line to 'stage motherhood'?

Posted on Apr 3, 2008, 9:23 AM
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