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I think there are degrees of stage moms. Should you protect your daughter from danger in the work environment? Yes. Should you make sure that your daughter is not exposed to adult behavior or language? Of course. Should you step in if the people who are in charge do not look out for the safety and welfare or your child? Yes, certainly.

As for making your child practice until she "gets it right," that is where I get a bit worried. I think it's important to stress to your child that auditions and professional opportunities are jobs, where people have expectations and you must always be prepared. I think if you are finding that your child does not want to practice his/her lines for an audition or does not work on the craft, then perhaps your child isn't as excited about it as you are. Of course it's exciting to get a job and to rehearse and perform in a show, but that is the end result of showing how much you love to act/perform when you go in to audition. If you can explain to your child that the audition or meeting is just an extension of the actual job, then you might not have to force the child into preparing. Auditions, in my opinion, are just other opportunities to do what I love to do.

Just for the record, and not to make you feel bad in any way, I don't think my mother ever had to force me to prepare for an audition or meeting or performance. I was so in love with what I was doing, that she often had to stop me from singing all the time, so that I would go to bed and get some sleep. I think you should evaluate your own child and see if he/she really loves it as much as you think. Look around and see how your child compares to other children also in the business.


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