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...and no connection to you, Tonya, or m of 6 !!! The title caught my eye: Perfectionist Moms, and I watched part of the segment, the first time watching this show since the one where the performing kids competed....

This one mom had a teen daughter named (LOL) Annie, whom she wishes to be perfect. She had her in child beauty pageants to achieve to a perfect appearance & poise; made her watch medical shows as a child so she will want to become a become a doctor; forces her to take dance, acting, harp etc and be "perfect" at all of them, ; she must be in the top 10 scholars at school even if the mom has to leave work to bring forgotten homework to school etc etc; picks her clothes, friends, etc. all of which/whom must meet her standards, and the mom will be applying at colleges of HER choice on Annie's behalf !

The mom makes Annie feel nervous and a failure if perfection is not achieved. For example, she did not get cast in the lead in a production of 'Annie !" LOL. BUT this mom actually felt she was being a good mom and giving Annie advantages and good parenting.

The next Dr. Phil show (tomorrow- time ?) will also be about parenting. It IS a tough job to be a good parent. Thought some of you might be interested.

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