Am I overlooking something?

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Okay, so Annie runs away in the early morning. When she reaches Hooverville one of the guys asks what she is doing out, alone, so late at night. So, we know she has wandered the streets all day/night.

After 'We'd Like to Thank You' the cops come, grab Annie, and take her back to the orphanage. In the original script the next scene opens with Hannigan marching the kids back into the orphanage from their walk and "fresh air for the month".

I'm guessing Hannigan wouldn't take the kids out in the middle of the night. Therefore, do the cops hold Annie somewhere until morning before returning her? Because then Grace comes along to take Annie, after the police officer leaves, and I don't think Grace would appear at the orphanage late at night.

Or, are we not supposed to notice such things and just go along with the fact it must be daytime again?

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