Such speculation is fun for fans...

by Jon Merrill (no login)

...involving trying to put "real time" ideas correctly into the plot as K-the-O has pointed out involving Annie's running away from the Orphanage and then being brought back. Very interesting! Something for Annie fans to think about.

Here's another one:

Supposedly, there is an extra day in December 1933 before Christmas that had nothing happen and was skipped according to the dates for the plot indicated in the Playbill, and I have never been able to satisfactorily work out a plausible solution. Anybody ever try to work out a timeline that fits for the events in the script?

And there are others:

"a mayor five foot two" was sung in December 1933 in "NYC." Mayor LaGuardia was still Mayor-Elect LaGuardia until he was sworn in on January 1, 1934, the traditional New Year's Day date for all New York mayors to begin their terms.

In the movie, Annie and Grace sing about Shirley Temple in the song "Let's Go To The Movies." Was Shirley Temple already popular by June 1933 when that song was sung?

The same with Rin-Tin-Tin. Was the famous dog popular in June 1933 when Annie has the exchange with a spectator near the dogcatcher wagon when she is trying to prove that Sandy is her dog?

Another well-known one is that the movie "Camille," which Annie and Warbucks saw in June 1933 at Radio City Music Hall LONG before anyone else in the USA did. The rest of the country did not see the film for the first time until its release date four years later in 1937!

My very favorite of these "speculations" is in "Annie Warbucks": The day Mr. Warbucks comes to Commissioner Doyle's office and gives Mrs. Kelly a dollar for a taxi "because it's raining" was figured out to be Friday, February 9, 1934. Earlier that morning on that day was the coldest temperature ever recorded in New York City at Battery Park (where readings were done back then; now they are done at Central Park). The historic record low reading at Battery Park was an incredible 14 degrees below zero. By mid morning it was still probably below the zero mark (the high for the day was 8 degrees above zero in the afternoon), but for Commissioner Doyle that was still a VERY cold rain she had that taxi ride in!

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