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Hmmm...We all misunderstand eachother once in awhile. But your negativity is very clear.

Standard internet etiquette says that when someone uses caps, it's shouting. Add to that a comment like, "GET IT?!" and it comes across as snippy. I didn't think I deserved such a tone for asking a question.

But I know you like to show up every once in awhile and criticize me. Continue seems to make you feel better about yourself.

If I didn't ask questions and add comments about Annie (from the years 1977-1983) this forum would be nothing about audition-talk. Pardon me for trying to liven up the forum. And requesting that I receive the respect that I try to give others isn't a 'chip on my shoulder'.

Again, if you feel better about yourself by criticizing my attempts to add to this forum, then go ahead. As FDR says to Annie, "It's STILL a free country!"

Posted on Apr 11, 2008, 7:24 PM
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