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I just clicked back to the year 2000, the earliest posts that still exist on the forum. Sooo weird to read all those old posts. Several of the former orphans posted then, too. I wish they'd post now *hint*hint*nudge*nudge*

But here is my favorite story of someone auditioning for Annie:

Let's see...I wandered into the backstage of the Alvin Theatre during Tiffany Blake's Annie understudy rehearsal in April of 1980 (I think). I had no training, experience or resume, but I did have a new headshot that a friend of the family took of me. The stage manager kindly asked me what I wanted and I replied, "I want to be in Annie," to my mother's horror! He asked me to wait until the rehearsal was over and then took me on stage to sing "Happy Birthday".
When I was through belting my little head off, he invited me back later that day for a callback. I didn't end up getting the job but my mom happened to be sitting next to Missy Menasce's (who would later be cast in one of the tours) mom. Her mom gave my mom the name of Missy's manager, we met the woman, she signed me, and within 3 months I was back at the Alvin, up on that stage, determined to get the job.

Martin had everyone divided into groups of 4-5 girls and everyone was assigned a portion of the song "Tomorrow." I, of course, got the "...when I'm stuck with a day" portion which allowed me once again to belt my head off (Martin loved that!) and we were all regrouped again. At that point, it became obvious that one group would stay and the other would go. Once he got it down to about 10 girls, he thanked us all and said we'd hear within 24 hours.

I waited by the phone for 22 of them and then my mom told me to get out of the house and go play before I melted down the phone from staring so hard. I went to my friend's house to play and within the hour, my mom called to say I had been offered the part of "Tessie" in the 3rd National company and we would have to pack up our life in two large steamer trunks.

I must say that as exciting an opportunity as it was, the idea of living out of trunks and leaving my poor brother at home with my Aunt, made it a much harder choice to make. We did end up going and my brother still feels like he was abandoned a bit, but it certainly was a wonderful experience for me. I subsequently ended up joining the Broadway cast a year later but New York was a lot closer to Philadelphia than touring around the country.

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