If MA were closer!

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"Rent" played here in January from a Sunday to Wednesday night, not really optimum theatre days for me because I'm a college professor. Last year a high school did "South Pacific." I would really love to see the new revival of that on Broadway. I am glad that I caught "110 in the Shade" and "Deuce" during a trip to PA over the summer. I took the bus into NY with a friend. I even dragged her to the stage door to meet Marian Seldes and Angela Lansbury and Audra McDonald and company. Maybe "Annie" has played here, but I'm sure it's quite different with Asians, Filipinos, Chamorros (native Guamanians), etc. There's lots of military kids here as well.
If you go see "Annie" there during the summer, I'd love to hear about it. I always wondered how Sally Struther was as Hannigan. Somehow I can only picture her as Gloria. And to see Robert Fitch!!! Oh, well. "Maybe" another time. I would also like to see Donna McKechnie again. I enjoyed seeing her in "Annie Warbucks" and "State Fair."
Received word from Alene Robertson the other week that she is going to be in "Nunsence," "Mame," and "The Full Monty" this year. She is such a nice person, and talented, too. I'm always glad when good things happen to good people. I'm looking forward to hearing her on the new "Annie" CD. I loved her in "Annie Warbucks," both live and on CD.
I just thought of something funny. I wonder how Carol Channing would be as Miss Hannigan. Now that I would travel around the world to see. When I saw her in Phila. in "Hello Dolly," she gave a 15 minute speech after the curtain call about how nice it was to be back in Philly. She was only half coherent, and that was at least ten years ago.
This forum is so much fun. I can't believe how long it took me to find it. I LOVE "ANNIE"!!

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