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I went to Seth Rudetsky's Broadway 101 and it was fantastic!! It was so much fun and so entertaining. I really envy/admire him; he is the big theater geek in all of us waiting outside the stage door trying to get a glimpse inside, wishing we could be inside - BUT he actually gets to make his profession and his life all about theater and gets to be the superfan professionally. I also admire his musical knowledge and imagine he worked very hard for years to get where he is. Anyway, his show was incredibly entertaining.

One of the first parts was his 'teaching' us the difference between chest voice and head voice. He started talking about the war in Iraq and the battle between Clinton and Obama for the Democratic ticket, and then said, "There is a differet battle going on every night on the Broadway stage; that's right - the ongoing war between the soprano and the belter." He is hilarious. To demonstrate this, he showed us how songs can sound so wrong sung the wrong way by having Andrea McArdle(the belter of course) and Andrea Burns (a soprano) sing different songs. Andrea McArdle came out belting "Who could ask for anything more". She sounds and looks PHENOMENAL. She just gets better and better over time. It was funny when Andrea Burns sang Tomorrow totally in soprano. Then, of course, we got to hear Andrea sing Tomorrow. Then Seth showed us how chest voice and head voice can coexist peacefully by both Andreas singing "A boy like that" from WSS.
The only thing for me personally is I think Andrea sounds much better as a child singing Tomorrow than as an adult. Her voice was clearer then and her belt was unadulterated/undoctored and very very unaffected (that is a good thing).. as an adult she tries to hard to do it differently I guess and it sounds more ordinary - like anyone else. That's my personal opinion but that is what I think. When she sang it as a kid, her voice was just so crystal clear, and it was so fiery and she sounded so perfectly wistful. She loses all of that as an adult the ways I've heard her sing it. But everything else she does is gold imo.

She just got done doing Evita in Florida.... there is a clip of her on broadwayworld rehearsing with Seth for the Broadway 101 thing; she sings some of Evita on it.. I wish I could have seen her. She was just belting away like mad and it sounded soooo good. The clip is funny, though. At one point, Seth tells her to sing something with different emphasis and said, "I'd breathe here.." She goes, "Oh, YOU'D breathe there?" She is so cute. Short shot of Alexis in the clip.. wow she is so grown up!

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