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Hi K!

I feel Zaneeta expressed it really well - I saw the OBC with Andrea, she and her pals seemed very "real" to me, they OWNED those parts - maybe because i was 10 but also maybe because the material was fresh, hadn't been overly repeated and transalted and watered down. Those girls created their parts. I saw the 1st, 2nd and 3rd national tours as well as the broadwat cast after andrea (shelly, SarahJ, Allison and Alyson) and the Marissa tour recently. I think there is something fresh and easy and joyful about a new show, before it's repeated and transalated over and over. When Andrea said her lines, she MEANT them, she wasn't just parrotting lines in a script. When Tessie said "Oh my goodness" it wasn't oft repeated parodic comedy relief, it was charming. When Andrea sang Maybe: she really sang it. There was no other girl who spoke those words with heartfelt meaning, rather they shrieked it or rushed it,all meaning lost. The OBC track makes me cry. It is a very sad song! I really feel it started to lose somethng in the translation. By the time the Marissa cast rolled around (she was wonderfully warm and nicely realized), the show had become god awful, where were the sets for pete's sake? Im pretty sure I saw Julie's tour and it was fantastic! Patti Patt's show was, too. She invocked a natural ease and a unique character interprertation that had been desperatly missing from the show. Kristy was an excepetion, a really unusual and delightful take on the character. she had an unusual , childlike voice which really lended itself well. She was such an effervescent little girl that she drew you in. I cannot say that about most of the others: Mollie Hall? Theda Stemler? Katyhy Jo Kelly? Not memorable at all. Kathy Jo was just bad. I like Roseanne and Mary K. Cerain aspects were good in some shows and not in others, sure. But for the most part, it just got worse and worse. Sorry.

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