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Just wacthed Julie's film, one thing I cannot let slide.

Martin Charnin.

He certainley takes enormous personal pleasure in lording over every casting session. He coud have someone pre screen for him, but he wants to be right there on the front lines grabbing little girl's shoulder, "I WANT YOU!" scorning and dismissing others, they can skiddatle OR "WE HAVE A VERY TOUGH DECISION AND WE HAVE NOT MADE IT [YET...SOOO...DONT LOSE ANY SLEEP!" sarcastic, arrogant sob!

He's sadistic and creepy. He loves plopping those lucky little waifs on his knees and giving then the good news. But delivering the bad? He is nowhere to be found! Poor pretty Kristin Vigard. He could not facce it. A stagehand was elected to deliver the news. Joanna, obviiously out of her league but Martin' choice afterall, had to avoid a face to face with the little girl he picked, so sent this shy little 12 year old a FAX IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT saying shehas been fired!! He can't sac up and have an honest conversation with a 10 yeat old that HE HAS HIRED. Unbelievable! it this very reason that kristen and joana are so screwed up today. shame on him. shame on him.

Posted on May 1, 2008, 8:44 PM
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