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...she was SO talented. Lots of people saw her amazing talent and how she poured herself into the songs What is sad, and makes me angry, is the way her career was mismanaged, as they said in the video. Her talent was nurtured, but not the girl. She felt she had to stay a little girl with a big voice, because that was what people loved her for, but I believe her career caused her anorexia and depression, and I also don't know why there were two remaining hospitals performing lobotomies on a high-risk surgical candidate. (ECT is bad enough. I have seen it, long ago, as a nursing student in my psych rotation) I just can't get Lena's image out of my mind, the way her beautiful eyes were glistening with tears as she sang "You Needed Me", with obvious anorexia. Not to say every girl in show biz is at risk for anorexia and depression, but with Lena, the signs were apparent very early, and I think her story is a warning to everyone with a child who pursues a career as a young person.
Really, any child.

Posted on May 5, 2008, 5:52 AM
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