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My $0.02

I agree with most of what Maryanne has said (in all her posts). I don't necessarily agree with her delivery. But those of you who are offended, please look past her delivery and try to see her opinions.

I don't see Maryanne as having a chip on her shoulder. I had to laugh at that because there is one troll-like poster who likes to accuse me of that whenever I disagree with someone
I saw Maryanne's original post as passionate and sometimes, that can be mistaken for arrogance.

For arguments' sake, IF Joanna and Kristin are 'screwed up', there is no way anyone could attribute that solely to their Annie experience. There are too many variables to consider e.g. genetics, home life, environment, social pressures, financial pressure, nature vs. get the point.

I do agree, however, that their firings probably impacted them greatly and caused a lot of pain. And sometimes, when we don't process that grief and let it go, it can crop up 30-something years later when we discuss it. That is, it can easily make us cry. But it doesn't mean we are 'screwed up'.

I have long been uncomfortable with how Martin comes across during auditions (going back to Allison Smith's audition when I was about 14 and saw it on television). I have met many other Annie fans since my pre-teen/young teen years who felt the same.

I then met some people who had first-hand experiences with Martin and auditions/rehearsals and told me stories that made me cringe. That is, his behavior was sometimes very unprofessional. That only supported MY opinion of him.

Now, that doesn't mean hundreds of other girls/families also had negative experiences with Martin. But remember, just because your family had positive memories and experiencs, doesn't mean what others say is false.
Both can be true and it doesn't do anyone any good to argue that the other is wrong.

Martin certainly gave us all a wonderful musical and great childhood memories. The timing of Annie's original run helped it's success.
But I'll say that I agree with Maryanne in that the show seemed to decline as time went on. For me, it started with Annie20th. But there were a couple of productions 'back in the day' (late 70s/early 80s) that seemed dead compared to the Bway and other touring productions.

By the time Annie20th/30th came around, it seemed the charm had been lost. Maybe it's the time we live in, maybe because it's been around so long and performed so often, maybe 'the powers that be' only cared about making a buck and not the integrity of the show, or maybe you can never recreate the chemistry of an original many factors affect the success of a show.

So, while you may disagree with Maryanne's style of communicating, she made many valid points about the success/failure of this show and the (sometimes) unprofessionalism of the creative team toward the children in the show.

She didn't say anything different than what was portrayed in Life After Tomorrow. In fact, what Maryanne said was tame compared to the horror stories told in LAT.

And that is just my $0.85 <----inflation

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