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by Julie Smith (no login)


Hey K,
I do agree with you here that is is the delivery that is offensive. All caps - screaming things at and about people - you know what I mean. Though my post was in the string about Martin, Kristin, and Joanna, the "chip on the shoulder" comment has more behind it than just that post. She also pokes fun at Amanda Balon's pageant days and eludes to Amanda's performances on her website. Then there's the string of Broadway v. Touring Annie's ...

I'm not saying everyone has to be over-the-top super-sweet all the time, but being in attack mode on three strings on one page is extreme and rather sad. I just didn't get from those posts that she was trying to have a conversation about these topics or even trying to just stir things up as much as she was trying to attack others to make herself feel better.

I hope I'm wrong. I just hate to see people made fun of or called names when they're not here to defend themselves.

With inflation, we're up to about $1.25.

Posted on May 6, 2008, 4:10 AM
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