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No Julie, I did not feel i should have been a "cast member". i am not and never have been in "show business". I got my degree at Harvard law and work in the public sector in DC. So you got that wrong. Do you have triple digit IQ? because if you did you'd realize that it is obvious that the way the firing of those two women was handled has affected them, not "ruined" them but affected them. It is documented on sceen and both girls have admitted it. I was hardly "degrading" women. Yes, I think they way it was handled was wrong, anyone with half a brain and a heart would agree. "I dare say" you're like one of those people who doesn't have any attention from anywhere so has to have her 5 seconds in the sun by writing self rigtheous idioicies on some web site.. there are a million just like you. mediocrity.

Posted on May 6, 2008, 7:07 AM
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