Last remarks on this...the commas ARE correct...

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...for emphasis. Without them, the sentence is also correct, just a bit unclear in the contest of the show ad. I should also point out, that while I also make typos on this board, e-mails etc. I currently work as a copy editor, now that I am not nursing. The explanation by "someone who knows," is incorrect.

Julie Smith : Thanks ! I would have loved to be a third roomie !
Elizabeth : Thanks ! You are sweet. The original "putting down" remark was not made by me, but I do know grammar !
Julie Stevens: The one that bugs me is "One less"" instead of "One fewer" for the HPV vaccine ! I told my daughter I wasn't sure I could let her receive an ungrammatical vaccine,lol.

I was tying to keep it light but make my point above. That is not always welcome here, but that's life.

Posted on May 8, 2008, 5:43 AM
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