David's dad

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Have you watched "Idol" at all this year? The kid can't form a coherent sentence and his popularity has been overtaken by David Cook's because he is a 17 year old singing old-fashioned ballads every single week. He hasn't made any of his own song choices, arrangements, etc. At this point, I feel like he would have had a better chance of winning if left to his own devices, able to pick stuff that he likes more, able to learn to communicate better in interviews, etc. There is absolutely no way he will win now because "Idol" does not want to work with his father and would be forced to at least until he turns 18 in December. He ruined his chances, not helped him.

His father was kicked out of the show because he cost "Idol" money by forcing his kid to sing lines from a song that "Idol" did not have clearance to. He was repeatedly terrorizing the other contestants. How is that to the benefit of his kid? Jordin Sparks was the same age last year and won the thing outright. "Idol" has had plenty of young kids before - Jordin, Diana DeGarmo, etc. - and they all managed to do very well without getting their parents kicked out of the show.


Posted on May 10, 2008, 9:22 AM
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