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I think this is a very dangerous attitude to take because what you fail to acknowledge is how the kid feels. All parents think that they are doing what's best for their child but how many really take the time to ask the child what he/she wants or feels? Being a pushy stage parent in show business will only ruin a career, not make one. Take a look at Macauly Culkin and his father. Does Macauly seem happy today? Is he the big star his father predicted? Take a look at how resentful Brooke Shields is of her mother. Both of these parents, by the way, had show biz aspirations for themselves, like Jeff Archuletta. I think some parents need to go into therapy and resolve their unfulfilled childhood dreams before they have children. It can be so harmful to the children who only want to please their parents and try to win their love and approval. When show biz is hard enough as it is, why would parents put their children in a position to have to win THEIR love as well?

I agree with Rachel that there is a strong chance that David Archuletta will not win because no one will want to work with his father. What a horrible burden to put on your child. If any of you saw the final 3 episodes of "I Think My Kid's a Star," the same problem happened with two of the more talented kids - their mothers totally sabotaged it for them by behaving like bratty, mentally unstable women.


Posted on May 10, 2008, 11:18 AM
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