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by Meghan (no login)

Ok, so Greif asked if i would report back after my audition so here goes.

There was about 100 kids and they sent us onstage in groups and we each had a line of "Do Re Mi" to sing (kinda like the way Martin Charnin runs Annie Auditions) and then a cut was made. They kept about 8 or 9 for each of the younger roles (gretl, marta, kurt) and only about 4 for the rest and then they put us in lines onstage by role. I was with the "brigittas" who were all a good 5 years younger than me, but my height. we sang some more and they made another cut, and i was still asked to stay, but i had a 12:30 call time for another show i am in right now, and it was already close to 1:00. It killed me to have to leave because i knew it would ruin my chances, and i had been doing so well. I felt even worse because i had to take my little sister (who was being considered for marta) with me and she was doing really great as well, and to me it seemed like the directors were really liking her, but she had no other way of getting home. I was pretty bummed, but i guess i didnt really have a choice.

the choreographer of sound of music also happens to be the director of my other show, and when he got to my other show he started talking to me about the auditions (he hadnt been there) and i asked him how much he thinks it will have hurt me for having to leave early, and he told me that he had seen the final 3 headshots for each role and mine wasnt one of them. I am definately pretty sad about that because I know i was not the worst of the 4 girls who were till left when i had to go and i really really wanted this show. especially since he also said that they were thinking of triple casting the kids because everyone was so talented. (they were originally gonna do 2 casts and 2 swings). the good thing he told me was that my sisters headshot was still left, so maybe she will get it. I really kinda wish he hadnt told me i wasnt going to get it because it kinda put me ina slump for the shows yesterday. o well.

Anyways, i apoligize if this doesnt interest anyone, it is OT, feel free to ignore it

TO JESSIE: this audition was at the curtain call in the tustin, its a proffessional dinner theater. Where do you live? I am in orange county and am really only knowledgable of the theaters around here.

Posted on May 11, 2008, 12:02 PM
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