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Seeing that video of Aled as an adult and a child.....I always wondered what happens to these boys with these beautiful soprano voices as adults. What happens to their voices, or do they develop great voices as adults? I had an 8th grade boy a few years ago who was my best soprano all through middle school. Then as a junior and senior his voice changed....He couldn't really sing that well for a couple of years. Thankfully he had just started piano lessons (not as a result) and was able to focus all his musical energy into that. Sometime in college as a music ed major he "found" his voice again. Not quite as great as his soprano voice, but he could at least sing again. He's a successful music teacher now. But his story always made me wonder if it is common to lose that incredible talent due to puberty and age, especially for these boys...
Anyway, thanks for posting that.

Posted on May 21, 2008, 9:49 AM
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