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Hi all!

Yeah, it is a bit of frustration not being able to vote for president since we are U.S. citizens as part of the U.S., but it has to do with sovereignty for the U.S. territories. Each territory has limited self-government. Our taxes go directly to the Government of Guam even though we use the same tax forms as everyone else. We have no sales tax here. There are advantages and disadvantages like everywhere else. There is a BIG U.S. military presence here with huge Air Force AND Navy bases. Our kids love watching the planes.

We've seen the brown tree snakes, Jon. At the college where we work a student and the president's wife to see who can catch the most. The snakes are poisonous and we try to avoid contact with them. The rumor is that they came here on a ship bringing lumber. Don't know if that's true. They are around, especially in the jungles and like to come out at night. Thank goodness we have not seen the rats. That would freak my wife out.

We love the fruit here. In our yard we have passion fruit, papaya, tropical lemons (kalamansis),coconuts, and bananas plus cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and basil that we planted. And the beach is so close, only 15 minutes away. We can go for an hour and come back to the house instead of traveling 3 hours one way to the NJ beaches (when we lived in PA). The kids really love that!


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