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Hey everybody!

I couldn't post last night. It was so late and I was so tired and I knew I had to get up for work this morning! Real life getting in the way and spoiling all of the fun! I met up with Colleen and Tricia Trozzi at the signing and I think we all managed to have a great time despite the lack of anything resembling organization and the lack of air conditioning! I would say there ended up being maybe 75 to 100 people there overall. There was a very small crowd (maybe 30 people) by 4:00 when I got there but some customers who happened to be shopping in the store ended up buying the CD and joining the line as well.

The people signing were: Tom Meehan (he left very quickly due to another engagement so I think I might have been the last one who had stuff signed by him), Charles Strouse, Martin Charnin, Shelly Burch, Amanda Balon, Robert Sher (one of the producers of the album), Marissa O'Donnell, Conrad John Schuck, Andrea McArdle and Kathie Lee Gifford. Yes, Andrea was there...there was some sort of mix up regarding the scheduling so she was there despite everyone getting that flier saying she couldn't make it. In the VIP section not signing but there to enjoy the celebration were all of the 30th anniversary orphans sans Taylor Bright. Bill Berloni was also there with Lola at the beginning of the line and while Lola was not offering her John Hancock, she did pose for pictures. Everyone seemed really appreciative of the people who came out to support the show and the album.

You basically went down the line to talk to everybody and get your stuff signed. Once you were done it was absolute mayhem with people wanting to stand around to watch what was going on but security not letting anyone be on that floor of the store at all unless they were getting something signed. People were getting cranky from the heat too and I ended up going in line again because I bought a CD for our very own Chrissy, who is currently living it up in Orlando but I knew she was at the signing in spirit. While I was waiting in line, I was talking to a girl who looked really familiar for some reason and it turns out she's Bonnie Gleicher. She wanted to go through and say hello to Martin and John Schuck but even she couldn't get through even though she was in the show so I let her go through with me since I had a wrist band. The second time around, I also got Strouse, Charnin and McArdle to sign the poster that I have from "Annie" at the Kennedy Center in 1976. I got it at the Broadway Cares flea market for like $10 years ago (people don't have any idea what kind of bargains they are giving away!) so that was exciting.

The after party was at a very small lounge nearby but, unfortunately, it too did not have air conditioning. It was so humid in NYC yesterday and it was sort of uncomfortable with so many people packed in. I saw Martin at the party and got to tell him that it was an honor to meet him. He was with Shelly Burch. The girls came later with their parents. I was with Andrea and her family and her manager and we left after a little while because we were really hungry and we wanted to grab some dinner. Sasha, I would have loved to meet you at the party since I've been reading your posts here for years but, alas, not meant to be this time. There will be other occasions, I'm sure! Andrea has some concerts coming up in NY, PA and San Francisco so I'm sure there will be details up on her website when everything is solidified.

I'll post my pics in this thread a little bit later - I got them uploaded in a hurry last night but I have to re-size them.


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