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I pretty much agree with all you've written. I love Faith Prince but...sometimes...ya know...not so great.

Imo, Bernadette was nominated simply because of who she is. Did she win for Gypsy? I forget already. Not sure she should have won for Annie Get Your Gun.

Mario is in A Chorus Line and I hear he is quite brilliant. At least, according to those on talkingbroadway. But I too shuddered at the thought of him on Bway. He did the ONE number, with the entire cast, on Dancing with the Stars. He is actually a very, very good dancer. Not sure about his singing or acting because I've only ever seen him on that Screech show.

Whoopi was not so great as host. I miss the days of Angela and Julie. Even Rosie. The Tony's, unfortunately, don't get the ratings and it seems as if they don't care. Therefore, no effort is made to make the show entertaining.

I'm looking forward to the movie version of Doubt (and whats-her-name from Annie30th will be in it). Never saw Mama Mia because it seemed like an insult to the American Theater LOL
Grew up with that music, though

Posted on Jun 16, 2008, 6:52 PM
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