why is it bad ?

by french_girl (no login)


are you afraid it would make people think it's the norm to have a kid when you're a teen, and that more teens will have kids ?
not sure... it could as well be good for those who are already teen parents, show them some hope (well i dunno what happens in the show, i just guess), and maybe more people would accept these teen parents instead of looking at them in a bad way if i can say this, feeling supirieur, marginalizing (sp) them etc...
anyway i don't think one show could make any diference, but i guess you are talking about the "tendence" (sp?). (did you see Juno btw ?)even if i don't see there are so many of thoses movies
and it is a reality anyway

i know a teen mom too (maybe she'es not exactly a teen anymore, i dunno her exact age), the father is still around and it seems to be working ok, her little girl is adorable

btw, what is "family channel" or whatever it's called lol (don't remember), and has it something to do with the fact you don't like the idea ?

Posted on Jun 24, 2008, 11:35 AM
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